Mujhse Shadi Karoge: The Perfect Marriage Proposals On-Screen

“Mujhse Shadi Karoge”: The Perfect Marriage Proposals On-Screen  Hindi Article
Love is a beautiful emotion, and our Indian actors just know how to emote the emotion in the best possible way. They fill in all the sorts of drama in a simple proposal. They make it cheesy, yet cute. 
It doesn’t go as easy as it sounds. The characters take ages to realize that they love their counterpart. Then they will take an eon to decide whether to confess the feelings or not, as they are scared of rejections. Once they finally do it, the family drama starts. It feels as if the whole world is on one side and the couple on the other. And, and, and…the real fun starts in watching the episodes starting from the proposal to the wedding day finally.
The maami, the maama, the chachi, the chacha, the bua ke mother in law ki mausi ka beta, they all show up only to trouble the leads.
Here are some cute on-screen jodis
1. Armaan and Riddhima (' Dill Mill Gayye')
They proposed each other and were all set to marry. But then fate happened. They got separated. Another hero, Sid, comes in the life of Riddhima. She falls in love with him and is ready to marry him. But Armaan is back. With all the twists and turns in the end both of them die together. Oh! So, meant to be together.
They became a couple in real lives as well.
2. Tapasya and Veer(' Uttaran')
This real cum reel life couple came together due to a conspiracy planned by Tapasya against Ichcha, her soul sister and the daughter of her servant. But as soon as the reality is revealed, Ichcha comes back with Veer on-screen.
3. Rishi and Tanu('Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki')
Their love story has not yet started in full flow. They are getting married to others, but they have realized their love for each other. Soon Rishi will succeed in making Tanu confess her feelings for him.
4. Samrat and Gunjan(' Miley Jab Hum Tum')
They totally define the saying “opposites attract.” It is a story of the time when the topper of the college and the sports champ meet and fall in love. 
The advocate Jas is paired up with Juhi. Thanks to Ekta Kapoor’s show that relayed for 10 years, they fell in love with each other and became an off-screen couple as well.
6. Abhi and Pragya( Kumkum Bhagya)
The rockstar Abhi is forced into marriage with Pragya. This is the story of her kumkum. Her husband is being snatched away from her due to many conspirators. She has succeeded this far to make Abhi realize his feelings, but it is yet to be seen if he will understand the true faces of the conspirators and the conspiracies.
7. Khushi and Arnav(Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon?)
This serial was aired in many languages and the cute chemistry between the two made them a favorite couple of all the viewers in no time. It is a periodical show of the three years of their togetherness. The hate to fate transformation takes the story to a new level. The baker’s daughter and the youngest son of a business family are caught up in the middle of it all.
8. Jodha and Akbar( Jodha Akbar)
This is the sweet and salty historical and epic love story of this Mughal Emperor Akbar. Jodha was his Indian Rajputani wife, who changed his life a big time. Salim was the son of Jodha and Akbar.
9. Ishani and Shikar(' Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi')
The time when Ishani was going to be hanged for a crime she had not committed, it was Shikhar who saved her and gave a new life. Although a one-sided love story, it was but a one that is pure at heart and touches the soul.
10. Priya and Ram(' Bade Acche Lagte Hai')
They always kept their families first. This is why they grew older than the normal marriage age. They were the people who had no time for love. But life brought them together and taught them, love.