10 Hairstyles By Karisma Kapoor

10 Hairstyles By Karisma Kapoor Hindi Article

Hair is one of the most precious components of one’s beauty, and everybody grooms their hair, and takes best care of them. Just like everybody, the diva, Karisma Kapoor Karisma Kapoor is a well known face from the famil >> Read More... Karisma Kapoor is also very particular about her hairstyles, and her hairs are worth watching. The Indian Rapunzel gives great pictures, and her hairs are the definition of perfect. The diva gives every hairstyle her twist, and gives rise to an awesome hairstyle which every girl wants to try. Karisma has a great fashion sense, and creates great combination of her hair, dress, and the accessories.

1. The Half Bun

This is different from the regular half bun that is mostly done. The hair here is brushed, and tied in a clean half bun. The bun gives all the height necessary, and the need for a puff is eliminated. Karisma coordinated this look with the plain black dress and mosaic cardigan.

2. The retro bun

Here, the diva is showing her old school taste by going for the classic bun style. The forehead is covered with braid which goes all the way back and makes the bun. Karisma is wearing a mustard color top with muffled sleeves, and black maxi skirt which is going with the look completely well.

3. The two twisted mini buns

In this hairstyle, the hair is neatly partitioned by a combed line. The upper part is twisted into a clean bun, and secured with bobby pins. The lowered part has many twisted buns and is attached to the upper bun. This hairstyle is perfect when you want to show off your earrings.

4. The simple braids and ponytail

Karisma carried this look very gracefully where her crown area has clean braids ending into a high ponytail. This is a fresh, and clean look, and she coordinated it with long blue kurta and blue palazzo.

5. The half bun and cornrow

This funky hairstyle is very casual and easy to wear. Here, the hair is middle partitioned, and the two cornrows are built along the partition which ends in a half bun. This look goes best with loose tops, and jeans.

6. The twisted side braid and flowers

This look is cute, and easily wearable. The style looks amazing in family functions like Mehandi. The hair here is taken away from the forehead and twisted into a side braid. This braid is then decorated by the flowers. The flowers can be according to the outfit.

7. The Bubble pony

This elegant look is done by partitioning the hair into two sections but not showing the sections. The upper half is used for creating a bubble look to increase the height, and the lower half is used for creating a pony. The upper bubble is merged with the pony to complete the look.

8. The party braid

The diva here is being tradition and wearing a golden embroidered gown with a net dupatta. The hairstyle she chose was the best with this dress. The hair in this look are puffed up and then twisted into a messy braid which is giving it a gorgeous look.

9. The side braid and ponytail

This simple look is made by taking two sections of the crown area and braiding them in a sleek ponytail. Karisma wore this look with a Chinese collar dress.

10. The side swept hair

The actress wore a gorgeous overlapping white gown having a floral design in patches. Karisma decided to keep it simple and let go off all the pins. She swept her hair to one side, exposing her gorgeous earring.