What Is Online Casino Verification?

What Is Online Casino Verification? English Article

Virtual gambling establishments pay out winnings at the request of a gambler. To run your withdrawals easily and quickly, the request must comply with the terms and conditions of a particular casino. A common criterion for getting the green light for cashing out money is identifying an online casino user. This process is called gambling account verification. Despite some minor differences, the basic scheme of the procedure is the same for all gambling platforms. How to prepare for verification to quickly and securely withdraw money from an online casino? Let us answer this question for you.

The Essence of Acc Verification at a Casino

The procedure of account verification provides additional financial security for a player. Personal identification helps prevent unauthorized money withdrawal when a gambler's account is hacked or in other situations. Additionally, verification helps a casino protect itself. If you are looking for a safe casino, here is the best reviews site https://clashofslots.com/casinos/trueflip/ for those who want to get a new experience.

Using the procedure of account verification, a casino administration checks some personal characteristics of a gambler:

  • Age — gambling requires reaching the age of majority;
  • Citizenship — each gaming hub indicates a list of prohibited jurisdictions, residents of which are prohibited from registering;
  • Originality — no duplicate accounts;
  • Reputation — the player must not have been previously seen cheating.

The trigger that starts the process is mainly two situations. Verification is often requested when a gambler attempts to withdraw an amount equal to or higher than a specified min/ max. In some cases, identification is performed upon the first withdrawal or deposit.

Procedure Requirements

Gambling account identification is intended to compare the personal data entered by the player when filling in the required fields of the account and real information. To get the second block of information, a casino asks a gambler for digital copies of some documents:

  • Identity card — passport, driver's license, etc.
  • A receipt for payment of the maintenance of a bank account, mobile communication service, housing, and communal services;
  • Bank card — only required when payment is requested through it;
  • Selfie photo with ID — required to prove that you are a real person.

The listed electronic copies must be uploaded to the appropriate section of your personal account. Each copy is intended for a specific purpose and may contain some modifications.

Identification Documents

The document confirms the player's basic personal data — full name, year of birth, etc. At the same time, some online casinos allow the retouching of sensitive information. Therefore, verification will be safe for a gambler: the full details of the document will remain hidden.


This type of verification data aims to check the place of residence or real residence of a gambler. The personal account profile of licensed online casinos often contains fields where you need to specify the full address — postal code, country, region, city, and street. When requesting scans with a receipt, a casino pursues a single goal: to verify the player's place of residence. Certified establishments clearly indicate those jurisdictions whose residents cannot register on the project in the rules.

Bank Card

A copy is requested less frequently. A scan is required if money withdrawal is made through a bank card. As a standard, copies of both sides of a plastic card are required. CVV2 code must be retouched. You need to leave only the first six and last four digits of the card number on the front side.

Requesting this information from a gambler, a casino institution wants to be sure that the winnings will then belong to the club member. Therefore, when withdrawing the set amount, a response request is received. The user must provide a copy of the bank card that contains the cardholder's full name.

Verification Features

The duration of verification does not exceed 24 hours. In most online casinos, the procedure is performed once. As a rule, an online gambling establishment sets up its own identification scheme. So, we strongly recommend that you check all the details before registering on a casino site.

Final Say!

All online casinos require account verification. The procedure is aimed at protecting players' financial resources in the club. Additionally, verification helps a gambling institution to fight scammers and persons who do not follow the rules of fair gambling. In particular, it is possible to identify underage users, residents of prohibited jurisdictions, etc.

Therefore, it is better to unload the documents required for verification in advance before making the first deposit. This will shorten the time it takes to complete the check, ensuring that the money is paid out quickly.