Top Ten Powerful Weapons Of Marvel Universe

Top Ten Powerful Weapons Of Marvel Universe English Article

We can say, Weapons are our biggest protectors, which can protect us from dangers, help to fight with enemies, etc. Marvel Universe, where many powerful weapons can protect users and help them to fight. These are the top ten weapons in MCU:-

1. Infinity Gauntlet With Infinity Stones

Infinity Gauntlet With Infinity Stones is the most energetic weapon in Marvel Universe. Its user can do anything with a simple pinch when every infinity stones bond together. Not everyone can use Infinity Gauntlet With Infinity Stones.

2. Darkhold

Darkhold is a book of dark magic spells written by a dark demon entity Chthon. Chthon is the elder god and the first to start the dark magic and mentions every dark magic spell in the Darkhold Book. The book consists of infinite dark magic. If the reader can learn every magic, then the reader can do anything the reader wants. The book gives infinite knowledge to its reader, and because of that, the reader becomes corrupted and performs terrible things.

3. Necrosword

Necrosword belongs to symbiote god Knull, and Gorr gets it after Knull. After getting the weapon, he becomes so powerful that he kills every god. Necrosword is the first symbiote in Marvel Universe, and when Gorr acquires it, he bonds with its body. The weapon is so powerful that it can destroy a whole planet and a god.

4. Stormbreaker

Stormbreaker belongs to Thor, and it is an Axe made of Uru metal. It builds up with a one-star neutron with the whole source. It's a most energetic weapon in Asgard, and only the Asgardian king can summon it. The weapon's ability is that it can control Bifrost. It is too much power that it destroys Thanos Warship in a war. Users can perform lightning attacks, fly, project energies and deflect energy attacks using Stormbreaker.

5. Twilight Sword

Twilight Sword belongs to the king Surtur of Muspelheim and is an energetic fire sword. The weapon can perform heavy fire attacks, blast fire and destroy anything permanently. Using Twilight Sword, Surtur destroys a galaxy.

6. The Ten Rings

The Ten Rings is a set of ten rings full of mystical power. Xu Wenwu acquired it during the Middle Ages and named his army after it. It provides superhuman strength to its user by which the user can attack fantastically, deflect bullets, blast energies, protect himself by creating an energy shield, do long jumps, fly in a limited time, and stop aging.

7. Gungnir

Gungnir belongs to Odin, and it is a spear weapon. Uru metal, by which the metal was formed and used by the Asgardian King or who is ruling Asgard. Gungnir never misses its targets, controls electricity and blast energies, and the user can control it using his mind.

8. Mjolnir

Mjolnir belongs to Thor, and it is an energetic war hammer. On Nidavellir, where the Mjolnir formed for the Asgard Royal Family. The weapon's powers are it can lightning attacks, strike thunder, project energies, and vanish its user. Mjolnir users can control lightning and weather through its help, and if its owner is far from it by a single thought, the weapon can go to its owner. Mjolnir can be raised only by those who are worthy of it.

9. Double Edge Sword

Double Edge Sword belongs to Thanos, and it is a double-side blade weapon. Uru metal, by which the weapon was formed and took many lives. The Sword is so powerful that it breaks Captain America's shield, which was of Vibranium metal. But, the Sword fails in front of the Scarlet Witch because she uses her chaos magic and breaks it into pieces.

10. Yaka Arrow

Yaka Arrow belongs to Yondu, and he controls it by whistling. Centaurians created the Yaka Arrow from where Yondu belongs.Yaka metal, by which the weapon was formed and named after that. This weapon reacts to the owner's sonic frequency and moves in different directions, and these all are possible due to Yondu's fin. The sound he makes by whistling the fin changes those frequencies. Using those frequencies, the Yaka Arrow works.