Top 10 Film Awards Show In India

Top 10 Film Awards Show In India English Article

There are several awards shows with multiple domains for giving awards to the nominees hosted all across the country by different brands, some private companies or some governmental. And also, each of the awards presents below is the dream of any artist in the entertainment industry. So let us check those top 10 awards shows which are the most popular in India.

1. National Film Awards The National Film Awards gets presented every year >> Read More... National Film Awards

The national film award is the award of national importance given from the perspective of a nation's entity. One of the aspirations for all types of movies is to win this award. This award does have many sections under which it provides nominees and winners for the same. The national film awards started from the year 1954. The president of India gives it.


2. Filmfare Awards

After the national film awards, the name of the next award show is the Filmfare Awards which are also one of the most famous awards for films and their different roles. These awards started to program in March month of the year 1954. The last show happened on 27 March 2021. And these awards are specific to the Hindi Film industry.

3. IIFA Awards

IIFA awards are the next set for the International Indian Film Academy Awards. And the specialty of this award is the winner is selected based on votes gained by individuals from their fans. Apart from this also, this award is celebrated in worldwide countries and not just in India.


4. Zee Cine Awards

Zee Cine Awards are organized and managed by a TV channel named Zee TV. This award is renowned for its democratic way of award distribution and how it allows people to be represented in a specific manner. This awards ceremony started in 1997 in the name of excellence in cinema.


5. Screen Awards

Screen awards were started in 1995 when the Indian Express Group's magazine launched the awards. Each year in January, the Awards for Hindi movies, TV shows, and non-film music are given out. Already there have been multiple versions of the awards, including the "Star Screen Awards," "Life OK Screen Awards," and "Colors Screen Awards."


6. Mirchi Music Award

The Mirchi Music awards, as suggestions, are given to people who are related to the music industry. It can be any song in a Hindi film/ solo version, in all types of categories like melodious or emotional, or love. Radio Mirchi always hosts this award. Also, the singers/ artist from the regional state is honored.


7. Stardust Awards Actors and Technicians spend a lot of time in prep >> Read More... Stardust Awards

The Stardust magazine sponsors the Stardust awards for its excellent work in movies in India. The first ceremony for awards was held in the year 2004. And these words are not just valid in films, but they also consider acting, performing music, and many other things.


8. Gima Awards

Gima Stand for Global Indian Music Academy awards is presented to Indian singers and musicians who have made their name through songs worldwide. The singer can be from any domain, be it a film or theater or any general short movie, but This award values their creation and how they have won the hearts of many people with their song.


9. State Wise Film Fare Awards

These are the awards conducted and organized at a state level for the movies, songs, and acting made in the state's regional directories. Example of this award is Filmfare Awards South Filmfare Awards South is the South Indian segment >> Read More... Filmfare Awards South ‎, Marathi Filmfare awards, Punjabi Filmfare awards, Gujarati Filmfare awards, and many more.

10. Cinema Express Awards

Cinema Express Awards are awarded to the actors' best performing film of the year and corresponding acting. It was started in the year 1981 by The New Indian Express magazine. The specialty of this award is that any language movie can win it if they have given the best performance.