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Telugu Tv Actress Likitha Kamini
  • DOB : 05-11
  • Gender : Female
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Likitha Kamini is a Telugu actress. She has ten years of working experience on television. When she was doing her 8th class, she started her career as an anchor. After that, she jumped into serials and movies. From 2008-2013, She acted for one of the famous serials in Telugu. She led the leading role in that serial, and the following name was Mogali Rekulu Mogali Rekulu is an Indian soap opera, drama, roma >> Read More... . She was famous in Mogalirekulu. After that, she stopped working in serials. She got married to Jayaprakash. She is an excellent singer, actress, and anchor too. She is from Hyderabad, and her mother tongue is Telugu. She knows Hindi, Telugu, English, and Tamil. She completed her M.B.A. Before Mogalirekulu, She came to fame with “ Yours Lovingly Click to look into! >> Read More... ” show on Gemini TV and also she participated in “ Navaragam Navaragam was a popular Telugu musical competition >> Read More... ” competition. She likes to do characters as Typical Traditional character and dream girl role.

She reads Novels like Yandamuri Novels, Anne Frank, Mills and Boons Series, and Paulo Cohelo. She likes actors like Surya, Chiranjeevi, and Venkatesh and she likes Jyothika and Hansika. She loves to eat Hyderabadi Biriyani and Fish. She dreams to become a singer. Her nickname is Likku. Likitha’s hobbies are singing and dancing. Likitha Kamini has got Best heroine award for Mogalirekulu Serial. She used to put mehndi designs and all beuty care things.

All serial names: Chakravaakam, Mogalirekulu.

Shows: Q-Time, Yours Lovingly, Joruga Husharuga Bio coming soon >> Read More... , Abiruchi, Ganga Manga Ganga Manga is a Telugu drama series written by ‘B >> Read More... .

Movies: Goutham SSC, Ithe, Sathyam.

Ads: J.C.Brothers, Vaseline Healthy White Lotion, Kalanjali Furniture, New Clear: Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, Dinesh Jewellers.

DOB: November 5

Another version of this story...

Likitha Kamini is a TV actress and an anchor from Telugu Television. She was born on November 5; she is originally from Hyderabad she speaks the Telugu language. Her friends often call her as Likku. She became famous for her role in the daily serial, Mogali Rekhulu and Yours Lovingly program under Gemini TV and has been working in the TV industry from more than a decade now, including many serials and TV shows. 

Likitha Kamini is also known for being a good singer. She even joined in the singing competition, “Navaragam” under Gemini TV. Some of her shows are, Yours Lovingly, Ganga Manga, Abhiruchi, Joruga Husharuga and movies like Ilthe and Goutam SSC. She has done many commercials too from Vaseline Healthy White Lotion, Kalanjali’s Furniture, Dinesh, ‘New’ Clear Anti-Dandruff Shampoo and a lot more. Likhita likes to sing and dance. Her favorite actors are Surya, Venkatesh, Chiranjeevi, Jyothika, and Hansika. Likhita wants to play the character of a typical old-fashioned girl; her dream role is the same as the nature of Hemamalini in Dram Girl. She also likes to go to Manali and her favorite colors are Pink and Black. She graduated M.B.A and been married to Jayaprakash in 2013.

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Likitha Kamini Family Tree


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