Likitha Kamini is a Telugu actress. She has ten years of working experience on television. When she was doing her 8th class, she started her career as an anchor. After that, she jumped into serials and movies. From 2008-2013, She acted for one of the famous serials in Telugu. She led the leading role in that serial, and the following name was Mogali Rekulu. She was famous in Mogalirekulu. After that, she stopped working in serials. She got married to Jayaprakash. She is an excellent singer, actress, and anchor too. She is from Hyderabad, and her mother tongue is Telugu. She knows Hindi, Telugu, English, and Tamil. She completed her M.B.A. Before Mogalirekulu, She came to fame with “ Yours Lovingly” show on Gemini TV and also she participated in “ Navaragam” competition. She likes to do characters as Typical Traditional character and dream girl role.

She reads Novels like Yandamuri Novels, Anne Frank, Mills and Boons Series, and Paulo Cohelo. She likes actors like Surya, Chiranjeevi, and Venkatesh and she likes Jyothika and Hansika. She loves to eat Hyderabadi Biriyani and Fish. She dreams to become a singer. Her nickname is Likku. Likitha’s hobbies are singing and dancing. Likitha Kamini has got Best heroine award for Mogalirekulu Serial. She used to put mehndi designs and all beuty care things.

All serial names: Chakravaakam, Mogalirekulu.

Shows: Q-Time, Yours Lovingly, Joruga Husharuga, Abiruchi, Ganga Manga.

Movies: Goutham SSC, Ithe, Sathyam.

Ads: J.C.Brothers, Vaseline Healthy White Lotion, Kalanjali Furniture, New Clear: Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, Dinesh Jewellers.

DOB: November 5

Another version of this story...

Likitha Kamini is a TV actress and an anchor from Telugu Television. She was born on November 5; she is originally from Hyderabad she speaks the Telugu language. Her friends often call her as Likku. She became famous for her role in the daily serial, Mogali Rekhulu and Yours Lovingly program under Gemini TV and has been working in the TV industry from more than a decade now, including many serials and TV shows.

Likitha Kamini is also known for being a good singer. She even joined in the singing competition, “Navaragam” under Gemini TV. Some of her shows are, Yours Lovingly, Ganga Manga, Abhiruchi, Joruga Husharuga and movies like Ilthe and Goutam SSC. She has done many commercials too from Vaseline Healthy White Lotion, Kalanjali’s Furniture, Dinesh, ‘New’ Clear Anti-Dandruff Shampoo and a lot more. Likhita likes to sing and dance. Her favorite actors are Surya, Venkatesh, Chiranjeevi, Jyothika, and Hansika. Likhita wants to play the character of a typical old-fashioned girl; her dream role is the same as the nature of Hemamalini in Dram Girl. She also likes to go to Manali and her favorite colors are Pink and Black. She graduated M.B.A and been married to Jayaprakash in 2013.

Keerthi Telugu Actress


Keerthi is a south Indian actress. She is from Bangalore and her mother tongue is Kannada. She can speak Telugu, Hindi, English and Kannada. Majula’s father was a head constable and also an actor and mother is house wife. She has 3 sisters and she is the last one. In her childhood, she wanted to be a doctor and her dream is to be a good dancer. She likes dancing. Her father used to practice acting at home and she used to observe her father and did same thing like her father and she did stage shows with her father and one of Kannada director had seen her and gave her a child artist chance in Kannada movie. After that she got many offers and also she acted as a heroine role for few Kannada movies. She did her B.A. when she was studying intermediate, she got many love proposals and love letters and every one are used to tell her that you are looking beautiful. When she competed inter, her sister was doing Chandhramuki serial and she used to go with her sister to shooting sets. At that time she got offer in Dasari Narayana Rao’s banner and the serial name was Turpu Padamara. And after that she acted in many serials like Kaliyuga Ramayanam, Puthadi Bomma, Abishekam, Sudi Gundalu, Samudhram, Sravani Subrahmanyam, Shambavi, Tharangalu, Anubandhalu, and etc. She acted also most in 10 serials.  She loved her one of her serial hero Dhanush and he was already married with actress Srinidhi and got divorced. Now he is going to marry Keerthi. And she participated in dance reality show like Rangam with Dhanush. Serials: Thurpu Padamara, Kaliyuga Ramayanam, Puthadi Bomma, Abishekam, Sudi Gundalu, Samudhram, Sravani Subrahmanyam, Shambavi, Tharangalu, Anubandhalu


Medha Bahri

Medha is a Telugu, TV actress. She is from Amritsar, but she was brought up in Hyderabad. Her mother tongue is Punjabi. She can speak Punjabi, Hindi, English, and Telugu. She got married, and her Husband’s name is Sumith Bahri, and he is working with the United Health Group. She has one boy kid. She started her career through ads and after that, she entered into TV serials. Director Manjula Naidu Garu had given her a chance in Chakravakam serial. When she got a chance in Chakravakam serial, she took suggestions from her neighbors because, at that time, she did not know Telugu. Almost all, in all serials, she was leading the main heroine role. She has five years of experience in serials. She came into fame through Chakravakam and Mogalirekulu serials. Her hobbies are shopping and listening to music. She completed her B.A. in Public Administration. Her favorite books are Freedom and Grace, Power, and The Power of your Sub-Conscious Mind. She likes actors and actresses like Amir Khan, Madhuri Dixit, Abhay Deol, Priyanka Chopra, and Farhan Akhtar. She had done more than 150 ads. She acted in ‘Me Shreyobilashi’ Telugu movie with Dr. Rajendra Prasad as his daughter role. She has 11 years of experience in the acting field. Actress Anju Asrani is Medha’s best friend. If she gets free time, usually she sleeps the whole day and next day she goes for shopping. She was saying that usually she gives her first preference to her family. She likes cooking, and she learned to cook from her 10th standard onwards. She is a vegetarian. Serials: 'Chakravakam', 'Mogalirekulu', 'Vennala', 'Anna Chellellu', 'Moodu Mulla Bandam', 'Aparanji', 'Surya Puthrudu'. Shows: Star Mahila, Modern Mahalakshmi, Bhale Chance Le, Money Money, and Ali 369 Ads: 150 and more ads done Movies: Me Shreyobhilashi. DOB: September 15 Another Version... Medha Bahri is a famous Telugu actress who is known for many of the prominent roles she did in all the Telugu TV soap operas and the numerous films and the hundred plus advertisements. No one particular character of her stands out for all the characters are equally great. Picking one out of the pack would be a difficult task.  Although, she could be said to have risen to the throne of fame with Manjula Naidu’s soap opera’s  “Chakravakam” and “Mogalirekulu.” Both of these were prominent TV serials of the time. Medha was able to portray her character with such dramatic realism that would make her viewers stand on tip toes. Medha could be said to have started her career by doing advertisements. She has accomplished over hundred commercials.  She has also acted in Telugu Movies such as "Me Shreyobilashi" with Dr. Rajendra Prasad.   Although she only been able to take part in one movie, she was able to make up for that with the number of soap operas she has done. She was able to do many some TV shows such as “Chakravakam”, “Mogalirekulu”, “Vennala”, “Anna Chellellu”, “Moodu MullaBandam”, “Aparanji” and “Surya Puthrudu”. All of these shows were able to top the charts and had maximum viewership. Medha had a huge role to play in that rise of viewership. Her acting skills were beyond imagination and thus that made her the apple of everyone’s eyes. The intriguing plot and the performance of well-established actors and actresses such as Medha helped these shows to climb the mountain with ease. The directors of the shows were confident and right in giving her the roles, as she deserved them, and handled them better than anybody else could ever dream to do. The perfection of her acting skills is thus the highlight of this young actress.

Medha Bahri Telugu Actress