Tina is a Telugu singer who is most popular for being the singer of the music album called Maya. Maya was also her first album. The album was released at Bottles and Chimneys in Hyderabad by Aditya Music on December 20, 2006. Tarang Devi Sri Prasad, who has won multiple Filmfare awards in as a Music Director, launched the audio CD. The album consists of songs in Telugu, Hindi, and English. The tagline for the album was ‘The Charming’.

Tina was born in the year 1983. When she recorded this album, she was only 23 years old. She is married to Dr. Raghu. He has also been credited as producer of Maya. Always interested in music and singing, she won her first prize for singing at the age of three. She has won numerous awards since then.

Tina began learning music at an early age from her mother. She is a classical singer. As per her account, she has a natural gift for singing. This was evident from an early age. She has always been able to pick up on variations and modulations that are involved in the understanding of and learning of music. She is fluent in multiple languages. These include Telugu, Hindi, and English. Her diction and pronunciation in each of these languages are also excellent. This aids in her ability to sing in these languages with ease.

Due to the extensive period of exposure in classical singing, Tina has brilliant voice modulation capabilities and can easily express a multitude of emotions using the same. Tina has also dabbled in the singing of devotional songs in Telugu like the Gayatri Mantra. Tina's latest album Maya contains a range of genres. The six tracks in the album include Rap, Salsa, Rock, Hip-Hop and Indian Semi-Classical genres. Many talented musicians have been involved in the development of the album. Tina collaborated with O’Mello, Krishnavasa and Suman Sunny who provided the album with music. The director of the album is Ameer.

Tina is an excellent classical singer as well as a skilled dancer. At the release function of her album, she showcased her dancing talent as well. The radio partner of her album is Big FM. Big FM also sponsored the album launch event. The album is available in the form of audio cassettes and audio CDs. The names of tracks included on the album are Addamlo Na Rupe, Jante Na Jante, Dhim Tananana, Naalona Yevevo, Mounamga Nene Unna and I Was Alone (Ecstasy). Photos of the album launch event are available to view online.