Aparna Nandan is an Indian playback singer, popular amongst the regional audience for her work in the music albums of movies like Nenu Nanna Abaddam, Ekkada Naa Prema, Home Delivery, Love Virus, etc. Mostly known for her dominant involvement in the soundtracks Tollywood movies and independent albums, she has been working in the film industry for no more than twenty years now. Over the years, Aparna has been associated with various record labels like T-Series, Times Music, Lahari Music, Aditya Music, etc. Since her childhood, Aparna dreamt of becoming a playback singer and making a career out of her passion for music. At this point of time, it won’t be incorrect if we say that she has successfully realized her dream.

Amrutha Varshini Telugu Actor

Amrutha Varshini

Singer Amrutha Varshini is a budding singer in Telugu movies. She came into recognition by participating in Telugu Music shows such as Paaduthaa Teeyaga, which was aired on ETV Telugu. The program was set up  to reckon the talent of the budding singer in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana through a series of statewide auditions. The show had completed 400 episodes so far and is perhaps the highest viewership amongst Telugu speaking people. To highlight her singing talent, she introduced herself in a new album Pallavinchanee Amruthavarshini. God’s greatest gift for this singer is that her songs smell that of a local soil. In her numerous interviews on various TV channels and Radio shows, she has stated that music is sadhana and it needs practice on a daily basis. There are no shortcuts, and there is no fame by leaps and bounds. It is true various singers have come to stardom through participating in various reality shows and she applauds the TV channels for giving her platform to highlight their talent.   Her first participation was in ‘Liittle Champs’, and she prefers to sing those melodious songs that touch the core of the heart and helps one to rise above everything base and crude. She feels that the state of the inner being gets reflected in her singing always.  Amrutha started singing her school days but started playback singing in her youth. Prominent singer S P Balasubramaniam spotted her talent and had her participate in the show Paaduthaa Teeyaga, In the show, she threw a completely different light on her vocal skills as the platform challenged her so. Thereon she went to sing for her albums in the Telugu language.