Chellapilla Satyam Telugu Actor
  • DOB : 1933
  • Date of death: 11-01-1989
Other Skills

Though his complete name is Chellapilla Satyam, folks know him as "Satyam," or some recollect him more as 'Dholak' Satyam. Satyam was born in Ganavaram community nearby Parvathipuram of Vizianagaram region. His granddad, Sree Chellapilla Satyanarayana, was a famed harikatha Bhagavata. He put a five-year-old Satyam in melody classes where he later learned his basics until Satyam later enlisted the guidance of Sree Patrayani Seetharama Sastry (who was also the counselor for the famous singer Sree Ghantasala and is the dad of Shree P. Sangeetha Rao) in Saluru. Comprehending his interest in music, Sree Penupatruni Krishnayya (harmony director Adinarayana Rao'sdad) sent him to Kakinada to join the Youthful Men Content Club.

After Adinarayana Rao and Anjali Devi Anjali Devi was born on 24th August, 1927 in Andhr >> Read More... Anjali Devi got wedded, Satyam began living in their household. Satyam got his first opening with the Kannada movie Shree Ramanjaneya Yuddham, created by Nayak (late artist Chandrakala's dad and a broker then). Most Kannada pictures back then ran for four to six weeks at the most, but Nayak's Onde Balliya Hoogalu that publicized on Jan 26th, 1967 was a huge blockbuster and was re-created in Telugu as Aadapaduchu. Most of the tunes used were documented at Golden Studios in Madras then.

Gowri Creations' S. Bhavaranayana met Satyam in that workshop while he was performing a flick and proposed him a movie. Paala Manasulu (1967) with Haranath and Jamuna in the lead was his original Telugu picture that gave him some fame as a harmony director. Satyam did tune for the flick Savatthi Koduku in 1963 but the movie was not fruitful, and he didn't get appropriate recognition through the picture. He then toiled for Raaja Yogam. Both Raja Yogam and Pala Manasulu were normal fares at the box-office but offers began bucketing in for Satyam, and he soon became an icon for action misdeed cinemas, so much that he was the clear choice for any picture made in Telugu then.

Who can disregard melodies like Esko Coca-Cola and numerous other songs by L.R. Eswari, who sang most of her tunes under Satyam's composition guidance? Satyam was one of the few jingle managers who worked with both Asha Bhonsle and Lata Mangeshkar Lata Mangeshkar, the veteran playback singer, had >> Read More... Lata Mangeshkar . When Satyam occupied for Adinarayana Rao, he was privileged to meet Lata ji and supervise her practice of the Hindi adaptation of kuhukuhu bole koyaliyaan, , for the Hindi edition of Suvarna Sundari Click to look into! >> Read More... Suvarna Sundari . With the entrance of Chakravarthy, Satyam slowly stone washed into the background. Rajasekhar-starter Ankusham in 1989 was one of his final pictures. He is though the tone of the top music managers not only in Telugu but also in Kannada in the 1970s. Though he left the material world on January 11th, 1989, his melody will be there eternally.