Sheetal Gauthaman Telugu Actress

Sheetal Gauthaman is a star of YouTube and a short film actress. She was born on April 25, 1998 in Hyderabad, Telangana. Including acting, she works as a content manager at Infinitum Network Solutions. Infinitum Network Solutions is a content provider based in Hyderabad.

She studied Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) at Gee Sanjari Institute of Technology. Her comedy shorts on YouTube are just one example of how good she is as an actress. She was also a famous TikTok star before TikTok was banned in India and had many followers. Like Bhanu100 and Siri Hanumanth Siri Hanmanth is an Indian news presenter and repo >> Read More... Siri Hanumanth , she also has some funny, crazy and viral videos on TikTok. Under her hood she has her own YouTube channel.

She has few of her videos on this channel, but she has over 250,000 subscribers. One of her short films, to be exact, her first short film, became the 1Million View Club itself. She was trained in Sri Rama Krishna Vidia Raya in Bavan. She has been a popular entertainer since high school and she has participated in several cultural activities.

She completed MPC at a secondary school in Slichaitanya and later completed B.Tech. She studied B.Tech from the Computer Science Group at Gee Sanjari Institute of Technology.