Hulchal is directed by Sripathy Karri. The film has Rudraksh Utkam, Dhanya Balakrishna, Krishnudu and Ravi Prakash in the cast. Ganesh Kolluri produces the fi

Hulchal Movie Review

Hulchal Movie Review Telugu Movie Review
Review for the film " Hulchal"
Runtime: 1 Hour 50 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 03-01-2020
Genre: Thriller, Drama
2.25 / 5.0



  • Producer:
  • Ganesh Kolluri
  • Music Director:
  • Ch Hanuman
  • Editor:
  • Director:
  • Sripathy Karri
  • Costume Designer:
  • Sandy Sharma
  • Art Director:
  • RK Reddy
  • Lyricist:
  • Varikuppala Yadagiri
  • Imran Sastry
  • Shatagni
  • Co-Producer:
  • Sujatha Bijigiri
  • Director of Photography:
  • Stunt Director:
  • Nandu Master
  • Still Photographer:
  • Srinivas Botla
  • Background Music:
  • Bharath Madhusudhanan
  • Story Writer:
  • Sripathy Karri
  • Visual Effects Artist:
  • Pradeep Pudi
  • Playback Singer:
  • Public Relations Officer:
  • Vamsi Shekar
  • Post Production Facility:
  • Prime Focus
  • Title Designer:
  • Uday Bhanu Avirineni
  • Anil Kumar Vanga
  • Supporting Actor:
  • Dhanya Balakrishna
  • Rudhraksh Utkam
  • Alluri Krishnudu
  • Gemini Suresh
  • Madhu Nandan
  • Preethi Nigam
  • Ravi Prakash

"Hulchal" is directed by Sripathy Karri. The film has Rudraksh Utkam, Dhanya Balakrishna Dhanya Balakrishna is an Indian actress prominentl >> Read More... Dhanya Balakrishna , Krishnudu and Ravi Prakash Ravi Prakash is the Telugu actor who is growing we >> Read More... Ravi Prakash in the cast. Ganesh Kolluri produces the film and Bharath Madhusudanan composes the music.


Rudraksh works in Dubai. After earning a lump sum, he decides to settle in life and hence plans to return to India. His friend asks him to do a favor and after Rudraksh agrees to do it, he requests him to handover a purse and a liquid to Narasimha, who lives in Hyderabad. But, in a particular situation, Rudraksh drinks the liquid and gets a feeling that his girlfriend is always with him. Meanwhile, Narasimha’s gang approaches him for the purse and the drink. Did he return them? What happened next? Watch the film to know the rest.

Star Performance

Rudraksh is good in his role. Dhanya excels in the given role. Her expressions are excellent. Similarly, the supporting stars did justice too.


The film has a different plot. The screenplay is quite neat. The characterization is excellent, especially Dhanya’s. But, the chemistry between the lead pair is not pretty good. The narration should have been better for a good watch! Certain emotions seem to have been forcedly added. The comedy scenes are okayish in the second half. The songs and the BGM are impressive.

What’s There?

  • Performance of the stars is attractive
  • The script is different
  • The music and the visuals are good

What’s Not There?

  • The chemistry between the leads is absent
  • Narration should have been better


Although the film has some negative points, it is watchable once for the performances of the lead stars and the music by Bharath.