Nagamani is a senior most artist. Her nick name is Naga. She is from Vizag and she has been working since from DD-1 period onwards. She has more than 30 years of experience in acting. In the beginning, she did many stage shows and after that she got chance to act in serials on doordharshan and then she shifted to Hyderabad for acting. She has only daughter and she is also an actress in Telugu and her name is Sruthi singampalli. When she was working in serials, her daugheter also got a chance to act in a serial as a child artist.

In the year of 1980, she got a chance to act in a movie called Ek thuje keliye and it was a Hindi movie, she acted as a nurse character. After that she worked for 30 to 40 films as supporting roles. She was born at Mummudi varam place. Her mother’s name is Mahalakshmi, and her father’s name is Subba rao. Now she is living with her daughter and she has one grand son. Nagmani is also a dubbing artist and she had working experience in radio. She worked for more than 100 serials. Nagamani’s hobbies are listening to music, watching TV. Her favourite actors like N.T.R and A.N.R, and etc. Nagamani’s memorable moment was that she had acting experiemce with N.T.R garu for samrat ashok movie. Recently, she acted for mogalirekulu serial with her daughter and also she is acting in Sravana sameeralu serial on Gemini TV. She got many awards. She also directed few serials.


Serials: chakravakam, mogalirekulu, sravana sameeralu, padmavyuham, etc.

Movies: Ek thuje keliye, Samrat ashok, prema khidhi, viviaha bojanmbu, aadapilla, shivayya, and etc.