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Neha Shetty was born in Mangaluru grew up in Bangalore. She is a model. Her father is a businessman in Bangalore and mother is a dentist. She also has a younger sister who is currently in school in the sixth standard. She is as cute as Neha.

As soon as she passed her University, she became the first runner-up of Miss South India and Miss Mangaluru in the year 2014. She pursued her modelling career along with her studies. She also continued this while preparing for her second PU exams.

She tried a lot and after her struggle, Shashank noticed her photos after he saw her in various events. He contacted her personally and gave her the film offer. She was sceptical as she got selected from many who had auditioned for the movie. Even with her exams, she agreed to act in Mungaru Male 2.

Becoming an actress was her childhood dream which came true because of her talent, determination, and the support of her family. Though she was intelligent and good at studies always, her parents never forced her to bring ninety percent marks. They held her hand and let her achieve her passion.

Even after deciding to act, she continued her studies through distance learning. She wanted to grab the degree in Bachelors of Computer Applications, so her parents supported her to do through distance education. This girl is a dancer as well. She learned dancing from MS Shreedhar, who was a talented fashion choreographer.

She performs in various dancing competitions as well. Though her routine is hectic, she has learned to manage both the chores; studying and acting. She accepts that she is in this successful position with the help and support of her parents and family. Her family is more excited than her for her new movie.

In her film, she will perform the role of a girl who is energetic and full of life. She will always be on adventure rides in the entire picture. Her real life and movie characters are similar to each other. She received the offers for various films but did not accept any of them. She has decided to complete the picture Mungaru Male 2 and then to take up any new movie. She is very excited to act with the superstar Ganesh. She is a great upcoming star.


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