Other names of Kanakam: T Kanakam, T. Kanakam

T Kanakam is one of the earliest actresses in the history of Tollywood movie industry. She is also a Telugu film and theater actress in who made her mark in singing too; Kanakam had a long run as a theater and film artist. As a theater artiste, she believed a lot in melodramatic acting that had characters’ emotions to add layers of nuance to her roles that she played in mythological or social or drama films. This actress has acted with veterans like NTR, ANR, Shobhan Babu, Krishna and others in many successful movies of her time.

Kanakam began her career as a singer in All India Radio as a voice artist and had performed in Aakashavani Balala program during her childhood. Later she took an interest to join films too. She made her debut in films with Gruhapravesam in 1946. Her popular movies include Gunasundari Katha, Keelu Gurram, Pathala Bhairavi, and Bhakta Prahlada, etc. Bhakta Prahlada, which released in 1967, was her last film. After quitting films, she moved to Vijayawada again where she spent her childhood.

This actress was born in Kharagpur in West Bengal and later had moved to Vijayawada. She gained popularity for playing the character of Nayakuralu Nagamma in Palnati Yuddham and Sri Krishna in Kurukshetram dramas. She was also a popular stage artiste in Andhra Pradesh. Her drama troupes made her famous in stages as such troupes were organized throughout Andhra Pradesh then. For her contribution to stage and theater, she was honored with the Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao (NTR) Theatre Art Award by the Government of Andhra Pradesh in 2004. She also has received many Andhra Pradesh Awards to her credit. The actress had passed ways at her residence in Vijayawada on 21 July 2015.

Karthika Adaikalam

Karthika Adaikalam is a Tamil actress who vanished away after acting in a few Tamil movies. She is one star who seemed to be on her way to being a Kollywood star with a good look and talent. She appeared in ‘Thoothukudi’ a gangster film released in 2006, which did well in rural areas. She also made her presence felt in’ Raman Thediya Seethai’ (2008) alongside five actors and four actresses. But after that, there hadn’t been any bigger breaks coming from the Karthika Adaikalam corner. Hence, the industry had written her off totally. But in 2015, she was just heard of appearing in a movie which is yet to take off. When she appeared in ‘Thoothukudi’, everyone had thought we had seen the birth of a new leading heroine in Kollywood. But that was not to be. She appeared in different movies over the years, but she could not match the box office success. It is a little harsh to call Karthika Adaikalam a one-hit wonder because she actually appeared in three average hit movies. In a film like ‘Naalaiya Pozhuthum Unnodu’, she looked very cute, and her performance was very commendable, Karthiga did the vulnerable job in a few movie that she appeared, but her male co-star was not that appalling. She had connoted herself well with few movies that she had acted. In ‘Pirappu’(2207), she acted with Prabha but as the film had the same old romance tale of a boy and girl, the film did not fare well in box-office. She acted with all average heroes like Hari Kumar, Prabha, Prithi, P. Kumaran, Deepu, and Yuva Karthik, etc. It is difficult to have a huge movie hit with less popular stars that is exactly the case with Karthika. Even in many of her movies, casting has not been the very perfect hence it was interesting to see her career turned out to be vanishing or not. After 2010, she was not visible on the screen at all. However, even after acting in eight films, she has not really propped up in any hit movies. She was born on May 3, 1991, in Thirukadaiyur, Tamil Nadu.

Karthika Adaikalam Telugu Actress