Narra Venkateswara Rao  Telugu Actor
  • DOB : 1947
  • Date of death: 27-12-2009

Narra Venkateswara Rao was a notable actor in the Telugu cinema industry who has acted in more than 500 films. He was born in the year 1947 in Agraharam, a small village in Andhra Pradesh. Narra Venkateswara Rao was interested to act in theatres right from his young age. He has also acted in his school days. He made his debut in the film industry in the year 1974 through the film, Chaduvu Samskaram.

He has performed all sorts of character roles, villainy roles and supporting roles. Chattamtho Porattam, Yuvatharam Kadilindi, Pratighatana, Repati Pourulu, Karthavyam, Tholi Prema Story Soon >> Read More... Tholi Prema , Chinna, Indra, Varsham, Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana Click to look into! >> Read More... Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana and Operation Duryodhana were some of his hit films. Narra Venkateswara Rao was in the cine field for nearly three decades. For several years Narra Venkateswara Rao performed in the Telugu cinema industry as the character artist without any competition.

Whatever role is provided to him, he completed it with perfection, in his own style. His last movie was Mestri. Narra Venkateswara Rao died in the year 2009 after battling severe with the cancer. He was 62, when he left the world.  Narra Venkateswara Rao was survived with wife Sushila. He had two children, a son, Murali and a daughter, Vasantha Lakshmi.