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Srinivas Rao is a popular TV cum Silver Screen Silver Screen was a Malayalam show that was aired >> Read More... artist. He is been called as Cheenu by his close friends. He made his debut as a child actor through the Vijay Kanth movie Sethupathi IPS. It was directed by P. Vasu. After few years Vasu introduced him in the debut movie of his son Shakthi called, Thottaal Poo Malarum. He has acted in the film Pa Ra Palanisamy with Sundaram Master and Meenakshi Kailash. He has also appeared in Marghazhi 16 and Karungali. Karungali was an average hit movie of Srinivas Rao with Anjali as his pair.

He has also acted in Telugu and Malyalam movies. Prema Kadalu is the Telugu movie, in which he made his debut and Kadalin Narkarai is his Malayalam debut. Apart from these movies, he is proud to perform the character of yesteryear’s Kadhal Mannan Gemini Ganesan Born in 1920, Gemini Ganesan, originally known as >> Read More... . After passing many tests, Srinivas Rao has been selected to act in the role. This film was produced by Kamala Selvaraj, the daughter of Gemini Ganesan. Srinivas Rao felt proud, when the makeup man of Gemini Ganesan, did the makeup for him. Cheenu was provided with the complete biography of Gemini Ganesan to read and learn about him and this helped him a lot to act as Gemini. The film is not yet released and Srinivas Rao is waiting for the release that might make him popular among the Tamil audience.


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