Vemuri Gaggaiah was a Telugu actor who was born in the year 1895 in Guntur. He was a theatre artist, who became a cinema artist, due to his passion in cinema. He had an elder brother. When they lost their father, they stood armless. His brother advised him to study well for a better standard of living. But Vemuri Gaggaiah was not interested in studies. He joined in drama troupes and continued his acting in stage dramas. In the year 1913, he made wedlock with Ramalaxmi. Music was also one among the essentials in the dramas, on those days. Vemuri Gaggaiah learnt music and singing to impress the people and to become popular. He joined in Surabhi Drama Company and staged many dramas. Soon, he became popular with Andhra people. He was well known for his roles in the stage and cinemas as Yama. He was the actor, who came to the mind of the directors, when it comes to the negative roles. Whatever role he was given, Vemuri Gaggaiah did it perfectly. Savitri was his debut movie with his favorite role Yama. After completing more than a dozen movies, this thunder voiced man completed his life travel in the year 1955. His son Vemuri Ramaiah, who was a lawyer, had his own drama troupe and performed like his father.