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Sira Sri

Sirasri was born and brought up in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. He showed a lot of interest in literature and writing as a child. One of his hobbies was to read and soon he began to write as well. He is now a famous writer in the Telugu industry and a famous critic on the internet. He is also known for his own blog where he describes himself as a professional film writer as he has written most of Ram Gopal Verma's movies, an inclined film critic which he is now famous for all over the internet, an entrepreneur, a passionate poet and an MBA graduate. Before his own blog, he wrote for Great, a platform for critics for which he received life threat by a Tollywood director. His keen interests are movies, poetry, and spirituality. In fact, he was drawn towards writing at a very small age and by the age of 16, he wrote his first anthology of metrical verses in Telugu that consists of 100 poems on social interest with a catchy title "Sookti Satakiranaalu". Also, he goes on and about all his interests on his blog like movie reviews, his opinion to various spiritual controversies, etc. like "7th sense: An appreciable concept" etc. Apart from blogging he is also a well-known lyricist he started off with a jingle in the movie Nandanavanam about Hindu Lord Shri Krishna, which then lead him to his lyricist career starting with a film Sneha Geetham. He also wrote songs for various other movies in the Telugu industry. In 2012 he wrote a self-styled biography for director Ram Gopal Verma called Vodka with Verma. He playfully used his creativity and named the chapters one peg or another while the forward called as cheers and the last chapter called bottoms up. In this book Sirasri interviews all Ram Gopal Verma's friends and family and goes on revealing about his personal life. Chapter titled Coffee with Ram Gopal Verma's wife goes on about his relationship with his wife and the reason it ended. He didn't limit himself to movies he also started writing his own private songs which were a huge success. A Guinness World Record event "Lakshagalacharna" was held in Hyderabad for which he wrote the title track. His other achievements involve his composition "Rajasaaniki Neevu Nilayam" which was played as a eulogy for then Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Y .S Rajasekhara Reddy, which then became the most famous private song of the month.

Sira Sri Telugu Actor