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Telugu Director ( 24 - 36 )


Director Does A Meticulous Work!!!

A director is the person who is the overall in-charge of making a movie. It is his depiction of a script, which when reaches the screen, we call a film. The cast and crew on the sets follow the directions laid out by him. He is the one who is involved in every aspect of film making and works closely with the cinematographer, scriptwriters, musicians, choreographers, costume designers, producer and the actors. While many directors take a course in film direction or related field from prestigious colleges, there are those whose experience in the industry helps them learn movie direction. It is common for scriptwriters, cinematographers and actors to take to direction after spending good many years in Tollywood.

As examples, consider Pawan Kalyan and screenwriter Madan, whose directorial debuts were Johnny and Pellaino Kothalo, respectively. When a screenwriter is ready with a script, he approaches a director. A producer is taken on board next. The director and the producer then cast the actors and actresses and take decisions regarding locations, songs, filming, etc. But the decisions that concern expenditures have to go through the producer. Here are some of the most brilliant Tollywood directors, who proved their mettle by giving the Telugu audience entertaining cinema.