Muthyala Subbaiah is a director in the Telugu film industry. Responsible for movies like Oka Chinna Maata (1997) and Pelli Chesukundam (1997) he is famous for his use of intense emotions that create the drama and passion that make his movies popular. He is know as Sentiment Subbaiah for it.

Born in the village of Parlapalli in the Nellore district, Andhra Pradesh Muthyala Subbaiah is the oldest child of four of farmers Sankaraiah Subbaiah and Seshamma Subbaiah. He worked a lot to leave his humble beginnings. He has a Bachelor’s degree in commerce He married his spouse Parvathi and has three children with her, two sons and one daughter none of whom chose to join the film industry. He started young as he was interested in theatre and participated in plays put up in his school. He was also The Secretary of Arts in his College. All these may have shaped him into the fine director he is.

He joined the film industry after moving to Chennai where initially he worked as an assistant. Soon he was working with A. Sanjeevi on the movie Sisindri Chittibabu which was his first foray as assistant director which helped him hone his directorial skills. Soon he was co-directing movies with P.C Reddy and they worked on ten movies together. He also worked on movies as a co-director with T. Krishna on the movie Neti Bharatam and they continued this partnership till T. Krishna passed away. Moodu Mulla Bandham Gemini TV launched on 5th August 2013 a new Drama >> Read More... was his first movie as a director but the movie ultimately tanked at the box office and he was forced to work with T. Krishna as a co-director again

. A prolific director as he is he has also tried his luck in acting appearing in the movie Vandematharam. Some of his popular movies are Aruna Kiranam (1986) Oka Chinna Maata (1997) and Pelli Chesukundam (1997). He has helmed about 51 ficks. 

Vamsi Bavireddy Telugu Actor

Vamsi Bavireddy

Vamsy was born in Pasalapudi on 20th November 1956. He is a Telugu film director and is also a music composer. In his initial days, Vamsy worked as an assistant director for K Viswanath before he made his debut as a director; he continued to learn from them before Vamsy knew that he was ready to direct his independent movie. In 1982 he debuted with the movie ‘Manchupallaki’ which had ‘ Chiranjeevi’, ‘ Suhasini’ and Rajendra Prasad as its star cast. The plot of the flick is very simple where five jobless friends live in a society. In their community, a girl named Geeta comes to stay and all of them try to win her and make a fool of each other. She teaches them a lesson and makes up their lives by bringing all of them into the right path. They soon realize that she is suffering from a disease and won’t live for a long period. Vamsi directed his first critically acclaimed movie in 1984 with ‘ Sitara’ where he introduced the sensational diva, ‘Bhanupriya’, in the industry. The movie is about a girl, Sitaara, who meets Devdas on a train journey, and she has no proper means of sustaining in the city, so Devdas takes pity on her and helps her settle down. Devdas offers her a career and asks her to become a model; he asks her to reveal about her past. She unveils about how her lover was murdered and she forced herself to escape from her village. But in the background, Devdas finds that her lover isn’t murdered, and sets on a search for him. Meanwhile, Sitaara comes to know about Devdas’s feelings and tries to commit suicide but by the end, Devdas manages to reunite them. The critics appreciated the movie and the audience loved it. The film grossed huge profits from the theaters and was declared a hit. Vamsy not only created directed movies but also created music for many of his pictures; he collaborated with many music directors and created some of the exceptional work of his time. His other works are Joker, Detective Narada, Maharshi, Ladies Tailor, Lawyer Suhasini, April 1st Vidhudhala, etc. Vamsi says that he never wanted to be a film director, he thinks of himself as a better writer. He is said to have an affair with the Sitara actress Bhanupriya, but the relationship could not be successful since he was more concerned with his work, this also led to the downfall of the director and as a result, his films could not do well at the theaters.


Vikram Sirikonda

Vikram Sirikonda is a Tollywood screenwriter-turned director, known predominantly for his works in the Telugu movie industry. Born and brought up in Warangal, Telangana, he moved to Hyderabad with his family in the year 1993. Vikram's father Madhava Rao was a popular theatre artist, and he always used to accompany him to the shootings, and probably this is how child Vikram developed a penchant for acting and story-writing and scripted many stage dramas. He completed his Mechanical Engineering degree from BMS College, Bangalore. But he left engineering to pursue his dream goal in filmmaking. He took a diploma in filmmaking from Asian Academy of Film and Television, New Delhi. In the year 2003, Vikram began his filmy graph by joining as an assistant director under V V Vinayak for Tagore. It is under the tutelage of Vinayak that Vikram learned the nuances of commercial movie-making. A year later, in 2004, he continued to learn and work with Vinayak as an associate director for the movie Samba and in 2005 for Bunny. In 2006, Vikram was promoted to the position of first associate director, while working with Raghavendra Lawrence for the blockbuster movie Style. However, Vikram’s fortune took a turn along with a shift in his role from being an associate director to a screenplay writer. In 2009, Vikram was the writer-wizard behind the mega-blockbuster Konchem Ishtam Konchem Kashtam starring Siddharth and Tamannah Bhatia. The movie became a grand commercial success and shot Vikram to the peak of his fame. He received the prestigious awards – Nandi Film Awards for Best Screenplay Writer, 2009 and Akkineni family film award, Best Screenplay Writer, 2009 -for Konchem Istam Konchem Kastam. In 2011, Vikram wrote the screenplay for the Ravi Teja movie, Mirapakay and in 2014, the super hit movie Race Gurram starring Allu Arjun and Shruti Hassan. Flying high with the success of Race Gurram, he along with co-writer Deepak were featured in the Deccan Chronicle as the ‘screenplay geniuses.’ Vikram shared his rare insights into the process of screenplay writing. Drawing a parallel to that of cooking, the writer explained that for a dish to be palatable, a cook has to mix all the ingredients in apt proportions. The position of a director is something similar. He has to pick each ingredient for a movie – the characters, the setting, the stage, the backdrop – only then can the story be effective. In 2018, versatile Vikram made his debut as a director in the mass entertainer Touch Chesu Chudu starring Ravi Teja as a fierce cop, and Raashi Khanna as the lead actress. Vikram revealed to that it was Ravi who offered him to work as a director in this movie while shooting Mirapakay. It took Vikram considerable time to accept this position. The screenplay is written by Vakkantham Vamsi who is another good friend of Vikram and was absolutely fine with the directorial changes suggested by Vikram. Musical scores have been given by Jam 8, a conglomeration of artists put together and mentored by Bollywood’s prominent music director Pritam. Touch Chesi Chudu is the third project (first two were Konchem Ishtam Konchem Kashtam and Race Gurram as screenplay writer) of Vikram with the successful producer Nallamalupu Srinivas (fondly called Bujji), and his production banner Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Productions. Vikram has openly confessed that Bujji is like a family to him since they share a good past. The movie was released worldwide on February 2nd, 2018 and has garnered much debate on media channels and in the Telugu movie fraternity. Vikram had always wanted to be a director in the first place because he opines that in the real world out there, writers aren’t recognized for their contributions, only the actors, and directors. If a film gets successful, it is the actor and director whose net worth starts increasing while the writer remains overshadowed. But fate had other plans for him, and he had to start as a screenplay writer. But Vikram learned valuable lessons from his journey as a writer which not only broadened his sensibility but also gave him the vision to develop an organic story with in-depth, strong characters as seen in Touch Chesi Chudu. Vikram has carved his niche in the Telugu movie industry and is riding forwards with a progressive speed and a starry future. He has promised to the Indian mass that he will be coming with more gripping stories and full-on entertainment films.

Vikram Sirikonda Telugu Actor