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Sarathi was born in Penukonda, a small town in Andhra Pradesh, India on June 26, 1942. Sarathi is a notable actor who has made his presence felt in the South Indian industry. His full name is Jaya Sarathi Kadali and is also known as Saradhi. Sarathi is a well-known comedy actor who acted mainly in Telugu language films.

Comedy is often regarded hard or difficult than any other typical roles, but Sarathi managed to become the most popular comic actor of his time. Sarathi had a good comic timing and a flair for acting which made him bag so many roles in the Telugu films and Hindi films. Sarathi’s main focus was to become a comic actor, but he also worked in the Camera department for the Bollywood movie, 'Geraftaar' (1985).

Sarathi started his journey with the film, 'Sri Seetha Rama Kalyanam'. Sri Seetha Rama Kalyanam released in the year 1961 and narrated the famous story of Ramayana where Ravana abducts Sita to seek vengeance for cutting the nose of her sister, Surpanakha. Sarathi portrayed Nalakuvara in this movie. After this film, he went ahead to act in Telugu films like 'Velugu Needalu', ' Brahmachari Click to look into! >> Read More... ', 'Tatamma Kala', and 'Paramanandayya Shishyula Katha'.Paramanandayya Shishyula Katha'.

Sarathi is famous for his roles in films such as 'Bhakta Kannappa', 'Jaganmohini', 'Sommokadidhi Sokokadidhi' and much more. In the movie, Bhakta Kannappa, Sarathi portrayed the character of Kashinatha Shastri, a Sanskrit learner. This film revolved around the life of a follower, Kannappa Nayanar, who devoted his life to God Shiva. This film garnered a good response from the viewers.

Sarathi essayed the role of a friend of Raja in the movie, 'Jaganmohini'. It narrated the tale of a woman who faced betrayal at the hands of a Raja. There is also some supernatural element involved in this flick and received an excellent response from the audience. Sarathi's work in 'Singeetam Srinivas Rao' movie, 'Sommokadidhi Sokokadidhi', brought him a lot of appreciation.

This flick essayed the story of a doctor who faces certain difficulties because of his doppelganger. Sarathi's acting in films like 'Driver Ramudu', 'Manavoori Pandavulu', and 'Mosagadu' made him gain fame and name in the Telugu industry. Driver Ramudu narrated the plot of a driver who hates injustice and is always good to others but later got surrounded by so many problems.

This movie was a huge success, and Sarathi played a minor role in this film. Sarathi also worked in the movies like 'Gopala Rao Gari Ammayi', 'Bobbili Brahmanna', and 'Chattamtho Porattam'. After the year 1985, he completely disappeared from the glamour industry.



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