Raising Raju

Other names of Raising Raju: Raju, Rising Raju
Raising Raju Telugu Actor

Raising Raju is a Telugu comedian who acts in the comedy show named Jabardasth. He is paired with hyper Adi and is leading a team in the show. The show's concept is to generate comedy by performing 5 min skits. His team is considered as one of the best and top teams in the show. He was born in Ramachandrapuram, Andhra Pradesh. His real name is Rajamahendra Rajeshwar Rao and is aged 48. He is married on April 24th, 1985, and currently resides in Hyderabad.

He started his career as an actor and comedian from the 10th of March,2018, and continues to pursue that field till now. Although he has acted in some movies, Jabardasth brought him fame. His father's name is Pariah , who is a farmer ,and his mother is Narayanamma. He has seven siblings. He dropped out of school at the 6th standard and started to work hard for his family. He entered the film industry career as an office boy to the director Nutan Prasad Nutan Prasad is a famous Tollywood actor who was b >> Read More... Nutan Prasad with the help of his brother ,who is working as an assistant to him in the year 1979. He was interested to see dramas. He first started to do small supporting roles in various cinemas and developed himself as an artist.