Nutan Prasad

Other names of Nutan Prasad: Tadinada Varaprasad
Nutan Prasad is a famous Tollywood actor who was born on 12 December 1945 in Kaikalur village in Krishna district. His original name was Tadinada Varaprasad. He started his career as a stage artist and then went on to act in several movies. In a career span of over three decades, he has acted in about a hundred films in a number of roles ranging from a villain to comedian among others. He was very famous for his dialogue delivery and his one liners were very popular in earlier days. To name a few, ‘Nagaram Klishta Paristhitullo undi’ and “Nootokka Jillalaku Andaganni” are among the most famous ones. 
One of Nutan's memorable roles was in `Rajadhi Raju' in which he plays Satan and danced for the song `Kothadevudandi Kongothadevudandi' which is remembered even today. He won ‘Nandi‘award for the best actor in a supporting role in 1984 and ‘NTR National award’ in 2005.
Nutan Prasad had also served as secretary of Ravindra Bharati in a nominated post under the Department of Culture. As an admirer of N T Rama Rao, Nutan Prasad also joined politics aligning himself with the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) for sometime
He had an accident in 1989 while shooting for the movie ‘Bamma Maata Bangaru Baata’ and had an injury in his backbone. Due to this injury he was paralysed in both the legs and was confined to a wheel chair. In spite of his situation, he continued to work in movies and TV Shows. He also lend his voice to a few TV programmes. He became the narrator of the hit crime reality show in ETV-2  ‘Neralu Ghoralu’ which was quite appreciated by the Telugu TV audience.
He died on 30 March 2011 after a prolonged illness. He is survived by a son and 2 daughters.
Naveen Chandra Telugu Actor

Naveen Chandra

Naveen, also known as Naveen Chandra Reddy is a South Indian actor who has acted in Telugu and Tamil movies. He was born in Bellary,Karnataka. He also had a dance institute in Bellary and taught a lot of students. He even participated in one of the state level dance competition and was shortlisted in every round. However, he did not win the finals. A lot of people were shocked to know that he had lost including the judge, Udayabhanu. She further gave him an idea that he should try his luck in movies. In 2003, he came to Hyderabad to try his luck with Rs. 2000/- which was spent in the next 2 days. Hence he worked as a waiter in Alpha Hotel which is opposite to Secunderabad railway station. He also used to deliver Newspapers and Milk packets early in the morning. After saving for about a year, he joined a class to learn animation and web designing and joined the Institute as a Trainer.He made his debut with the Tamil Movie, ‘Agarathi’ which did not fare very well at the box office. In 2012, he made his debut with Telugu movies with ‘Andaala Raakshasi’ which was directed by Hanu Raghavapudi. His performance was well appreciated by the audiences and professionals. After this movie, he was not interested in playing a romantic character again and was waiting for something different to follow. As luck would have it, he was spotted by the Director Jeevan Reddy who observed his mannerisms for four days and approached his manager on the fifth day to play the role of an ex-naxalite in the movie, ‘Dalam’


Potti Veeraiah

Potti Veeraiah is a famous South Indian actor who has acted in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam and Oriya languages. He was born in Phanigiri village of Nalgonda district in 1947. His original name was Gattu Veeriah. He was a dwarf since birth and hence he was seen mostly in comic roles. Many directors like Vithalacharya utilized his acting skills especially in folkfore movies which had magic elements in them. He was married to Mallika whom he loved dearly. However, she was not a dwarf and was very beautiful. Although Potti Veeraiah has acted in more than 300 movies, he and his wife used to run a PCO/ STD booth in Krishna Nagar to earn a living. He was staying in a rented house with a single room and paying a rent of Rs. 1500/-. He had requested many people in the industry to help him financially or to atleast provide him some land so that he can build a small house for himself and his family. However he did not receive any help from the film industry or the Government inspite of being a disabled person. All this did not bother him and he led his life facing all the challenges around him.He has dreamt of being an actor since his school days. He was planning to move to Hyderabad for further studies if he got through his school exams. If not, he was planning to become an actor. As luck would have it, he failed in his exams and he moved to Chennai to try his luck in Movies. Many people laughed at his decision and though that he would never make it. However, Potti Veeraiah has been strong and chased his dreams till it became a reality.

Potti Veeraiah Telugu Actor