Telugu Co Producer ( 0 - 12 )

Harshith Reddy

Abhishek Agarwal

Vivek Kuchibhotla

Director Krish


Film Production Is A Part Of Film Making Done By Film Producers

Film Production Is A Part Of Film Making Done By Film Producers And Co-Producers. Co-Producers Help Filmmakers To Arrange Finance For The Film Under Any Other Production Company Or On Their Own.

They Assist Their Superiors Starting From The Script Selection To Financing The Film. Also, They Coordinate In Writing, Directing, Editing For The Film Or Tv Series. It's Not Easy As It Seems To Arrange And Provide Money For Film Making You Need An Eagle Eye To Search For The Distributor. Work Frame Of TV Series Co-Producer And Film, Co-Producer Is Almost The Same. They Play A Crucial Role To Reach Our Favourite Film Or Series To The Audience. Pre-Production, Production And Post-Production Are The Stages Of The Filmmaking Supervised Under Producers With The Help Of Co-Producers.

In The Success Of Any Film Or Tv Series Co-Producer Shares The Same Credit As The Producer, Director, Actors. One More Task Of Any Co-Producer Is To Help Filmmakers To Hire The Director And Other Key Crew Team Member. They Manage The Logistics And Business Operations And Making Sure The Film Is Delivered On Time And Within Budget.