Devasena Subramaniam is very much popular with her voice. Yes, this dubbing artist has got a unique voice, with which many people identify her in public. Before starting her career as a voice-over artist, Devasena Subramaniam had been an RJ in Radio Mirchi. She impressed a lot of advertisement directors with her unique voice and hence they cast her in their advertisements, as voice is the main element for ads that acts as an attractive element. She lent her voice in Tanishq Jewelry and Bournvita drink ads. She lent her voice to CMRL presented by the National Film Development Corporation of India. As she has a clear voice with good modulation skills, many people are attracted to her voice. Devasena shared her experience in an interview that when she was shopping at a popular store, the employee in the shop identified her with her voice. That was a pleasant surprise for her, added Devasena.