Hariraj is a Tamil film actor, who has mainly done work in the 90s. He started as a lead in Chinna Chittu (1992) and then Vasantha Malargal. He was also a supporting actor in the Rajinikanth starred Valli (1993) which was a colossal flop. After that, Hariraj didn’t return to the big screen for quite a while.

He spent his time in his hometown Coimbatore during this course of time. He practiced agriculture and also fulfilled his wishes of becoming a wildlife photographer and conservationist. His comeback was as a villain in Rendu (2006). Film offers kept coming by after that. He was highly appreciated for his role in Kadhalil Vizhunthen (2008).

Being one of the most senior actors, he’s not someone who has “got looks to kill”. He is slightly balded, a white beard and large eyes, which he uses wonderfully to show intensity. Though he is back in the industry, he’s mostly being offered supporting roles. He is in the band of actors who display immense acting finesse but are rarely used.