Producer Mohan

Other names of Producer Mohan: K. Mohan, K Mohan, Pasamalar Mohan

K. Mohanakrishnan was born on 14 March 1925. He was born in Tamil Nadu, India. He was an Indian art Director and Film Producer. He is popularly known as Pasamalar Mohan or K. Mohan. He was born in Chennai to a Tamil family. He was born to T. Kannabiran Mudhaliyar and Indirani Ammal. His father was a Magistrate at the Madras High Court. He was the General Manager of five cinemas which include Broadway Talkies, Prabhat Talkies, Saraswathi, Mahalakshmi, and Murugan. K. Mohan’s mother died while he was young. He married Shantakumari in 1951. He has three daughters and five sons.

Art was Mohan’s passion. He drew and painted different types of images. He started creating banners for movies when he was a student. The first film banner he created was for the movie Kulaebagavali. It was a Tamil adventure film. It was released in 1955. It was directed by T.R. Ramanna. He started Mohan Arts in 1950. It is a company that focuses on the development of promotional materials for movies like cut-outs and banners. In 1957 he created a cut out for the movie Vannangamudi. The cut out was 80-foot-tall i.e. 24 meters. The lead roles of the film were played by Shivaji Ganesan and Savithri. P. Pullaiah directed the film. The cut out was appreciated by everyone. The film was also a box-office hit. The melodious music and the outstanding acting of Shivaji and Savithri are always remembered.

K. Mohan created cut outs when Queen Elizabeth II visited Chennai. The entire city of Chennai was attracted by the cut-out. Indeed, Queen Elizabeth II met Mohan personally and appreciated and thanked him.

He then worked for the film Gandhi. He received attention all through the nation. It was a biographical film released in November 1982. John Briley wrote the movie and Richard Attenborough directed the movie. The movie bagged many awards, and it was a hit worldwide. Renowned Indian film actor Sivakumar began his art career under the leadership of Mohan and his company. Mohan worked for many companies and movies since 1951. He worked for both commercial and cinematic field. In 1961 he produced the film Pasamalar. That was how he got the title Pasamalar Mohan. The movie was directed by Bhimsingh. Shivaji Ganesan and Savithri played the lead role. The film won National Award. He won many state and national awards. He also won the Vikas Ratna. It is presented for the art field by the Indian Government. K. Mohan passed away at the age of 89 on August 24, 2014. Mohan Arts is run by his sons Narendran and Harinath Kumar

Ka Vallabha Tamil Actor

Ka Vallabha

KA Vallabha also known as Alexander Vallabha is a Telugu producer. He started his career with Chukkallo Chandrudu. He went on to co-produce ‘Love U Bangaram’ with Maruthi released on 24th January 2014. Although a flop movie, it was about a couple and depicted their journey through love, trust, hope and jealousy. Herein, the couples evades from their houses and get married but later on are caught in the web of doubt and jealousy when the husband watched his wife in a car with another man. In order to compensate for his loses, next came a picture named ‘Dhammu’ which was the much talked about film of its season. This is a movie of life and hope that everything will get better not by force but by intelligence. It is a story of an orphan boy who wants to amend every evil around him by his wit, who falls in love with a girl, who is adopted by a family undergoing civil war and who returns the favor to the family by finishing that turmoil. He shows his ‘Dhammu’ or ‘power’ in the end. Next up in the line of his achievements is his 2015 release ‘Malli Malli Idi Rani Roju’ which is also his last as of record. This Creative Commercials production film is based on never-ending love out of which 15 years is witnessed by the audience. An athlete falls in love with his college mate who is Muslim. He has two ambitions; to win a national medal and to see her face which is behind the veil of black. It is a movie meant to be watched and felt according to KA Vallabha.