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Vijayaraghavendra Tamil Actor


Vijayaraghavendra is a film producer. He mainly works with the Tamil Film Industry. He was born in India. He has the Indian Nationality. His full name is Vijayaraghavendra Thirumalai. He is the producer of Film Masala Padam in the year 2015. Its critic score is 4.7. He did three movies until now. These include as Masala Padam, Avale Nanna Gelathi and Ganesha Matea Banda. He is a great producer who had worked with the Tamil Cinema. Vijay is a prominent producer who worked with the multiple other producer and directors as well. Vijayaraghavendra's film Masala Padam has the genre comedy. It has lasted for two hours. Laxman Kumar did the direction for this venture. Karthik Acharya is the Music Director, which has given a number of songs. Sixty-three percent of Google user has liked it. Laxman Kumar and Vijayaraghavendra did the production in the movie. It has five tracks. This list includes as Evolution of Cinema by Hariharan, The Masala Song by Naresh Iyer and Hyde Karty, Noor Ayiram by Hyde Karty and Bizmac Sylvestre, Abc of Chennai by Benny Dayal and Shubhi, and Paena Munai Dhan by Karthik Acharya. Masala Padam cast list includes as Lakshmi Devy, Bobby Simha, Harini Ramesh, Shive, and Gaurav. It has directed by J Laxman Kumar and Laxman Kumar. Shuva did the role of Mani, Bobby Simha as Amudhan, Gaurav as Karthik, Lakshmi Devy as Diya, Hyde Karty as Hyde, Harini Ramesh as Harini, Prasanth as Kevin, Srini Suryaprakasham as Hari, Arun Thirumalai as Asper, Venkataram as Producer Raman, Thangadurai as Mani's friend, Reshma, Boopal Raj Vaandayar, Sri Hari, Hari Ramesh and Murali Satagoppan. Film Editing has done by Richard Kevin. In this, the producer has decided to challenge the social media reviewers. Its critic's rating is three out of five stars. Laxman Kumar also did the cinematography in the Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu and Thillu Mullu remake. It is full of comedy, drama, romance, and style. The director Laxman keeps the audience busy in the theaters as per his work. It had shot in the banner of Allin Pictures. It has distributed to the theaters by Auraa Cinemas. It is in the Tamil language. The release date of Vijaya's film is October 9 and in the year 2015. Shiva, Gaurav, Lakshmi Devy, and Bobby Simha did the lead role in it. Lahari Music has associated with the rights of music. It is a great music label.


Muktha R Govind

Muktha R Govind is an Indian film producer. He mainly works for Tamil Cinema Industry. He was born in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, and India. His parent name is MukthaRamaswamy. Ramaswamy is also an Indian film producer, who works for Tamil cinema. Govind's uncle name is MukthaSrinivasan. His mother's name is Prema. His spouse name is Priyadarshini Govind. She is a prominent classical dancer of Bharatanatyam style. She is an expert in Abhinaya-, which is the art of Expression. She is also a recipient of SangeetNatakAkademi Award for Dance in Bharatanatyam. Govind has two siblings including him. Their name is Muktha S. Sundar. His grandfather's name is Venkatachariar. His grandmother's name is Chellammal. Govind has four cousins. His cousins are Muktha S. Sundar, Maya Srinivasan, Sundar Srinivasan, and Ravi Srinivasan. Muktha S. Sundar is also a director and cinematographer in Tamil Cinema Industry. Govind did three films in line. The lists are Director's Special in the year 2013, DoddmaneHudga in the year 2016, and Sivappu in the year 2015. Sivappu is a big hit in the box-office. Govind has a clear and expert approach for making films. His film ‘Director's special’ has the genre drama and satire. Guruprasad did the direction. AnoopSeelin did the music direction. The release date of the movie is May 31, and the year 2013. Cast includes for this are Vatsala Mohan as Seethamma. Sumitra Devi as Gayathri, Ram as Hanuma, M. S. NagarajKaranth, SathyanarayanaShastry, S. Keshavamurthy, Krishnappa in a cameo appearance. Some other casts are Dhananjay as Dhananjaya, Rangayana Raghu as PancheShastry and Ramachandra, AnoopSeelin and Gruprasad in the cameo role. It is in the Kannada Language. His next project Sivappu has the genre drama. Sathyasiva did the direction. N. R. Raghunanthan did the music direction. The release date for this is October 16 and in the year 2015. Cast includes for this are Rajkiran as Konaar, Naveen Chandra as Pandian, RupaManjari as Parvathi, Thambi Ramiah, A. Venkatesh, Selva, Bose Venkat, and Poo Ram. This is in the Tamil Language. Muktha R. Govind and Punnagai Poo Geetha did the production. His next film DoddmaneHudga has the genre drama and action. DuniyaSoori did the direction. V. Harikrishna did the music direction. The release date here is September 30 and in the year 2016. Cast includes for this film is Puneeth Rajkumar, Radhika Pandit. He died on April 9, and in the year 2014 due to the Heart Attack in Mylapore, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, and India.

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