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Sivaani Senthil

Sivaani is a South Indian Director born on 17th June, 1986 in Chennai. Miss. Senthil is a pretty lady and looks beautiful. She has made many short films and done other small projects, but she came to fame from her movie Kargil which was released in 2018. Ms. Senthil gained popularity from her debut film Kargil, in which she cast actor Jishnu Menon as the lead. Her movie was not a big hit but made her a successful director. Her work did not impress much to the audience but the film did well at the theatres. Her movie may not have been liked by more audiences, still critics praised her for the direction skills. Sivaani has tried to come up with something new and made a film where single actors have all the burden of the film but miserably failed to impress the viewers. She was seen participating in every promotional event for her movie and tried to promote as much as she could. Her movie name confused the audiences with the Kargil War, which had no relevance to the film. She is a young and talented women, and have the skill to work hard and bring up with something better than her project, Kargil. Talking about her film, she said that it was fun shooting in a car. There were some difficult times, but still, the shoot journey was a memorable. She was excited for her film Kargil because she was trying something new and hoped that it would do well, but unfortunately luck was not with her, and her movie was not a big success. Still, she did not let her will go down and took an oath to work better in her next project. Other than direction, Sivaani loves acting, and we hope we can soon see her acting in any upcoming projects. She loves films and has a strong passion to pursue her career in the movies. Shivani believes in the motto of Hard Work, and says that she will continue to work hard with full dedication and come with something new. She continues to say that from the film Kargil she has learned a lot, and hopefully will not repeat the mistakes in the near future. Her strong will to do something creative and big will surely bring her success soon.

Sivaani Senthil Tamil Actress