Aruna Mucherla was a famous actress during the 80s. She is best known for her sensual expressions and innocent sweet sixteen-year-old attitude that hasn’t found a replacement till date. Aruna was born in Palakollu, Narasapuram of Andhra Pradesh but her family settled in Hyderabad. Aruna always wanted to become a Doctor and never in her wildest dreams did she think that she would end up as an actress. During her teenage, Aruna Mucherla loved dancing and fancied learning Kathak but in those days Hyderabad had very few dance schools offering Kathak, however, she succeeded in locating one dance school after great difficulty and joined it.

Here Tamil director P. Bharatiraja spotted a young Aruna and convinced her reluctant parents and took her to Madras and, thanks to him, Aruna made her debut in the 1980 Tamil movie Kallukkul Eeram and everything after that was theatrical brilliance. Her most famous and magical performance was in the 1981 film Seethakoka Chiluka that also received a Swarna (Gold) Nandi Award for Best Feature Film in Telugu film Industry. This movie was also a Musical masterpiece by Maestro Ilaya Raja and the song “ Maate Manthramu” continues to be played at every Telugu wedding till date. Aruna also acted in numerous Tamil films like Sivappu Malli (1981), Penmani Aval Kanmani and Kannada films Ondagi Balu (1986), Sowbhagya Lakshmi (1985) and many other Malayalam films. She is best known for her scintillating onscreen romance and dance. Aruna lives in Chennai with four daughters.

She married a businessman from Chandigarh. Her eldest daughter studies in London and her 2nd daughter studies architecture in Bangalore. Her 3rd daughter is in high school in Chennai. Her 4th daughter is studying in 7th and aspires to become an actress and also doctor like her mom and seems to have that strong urge. No sooner did she make this decision than the Tollywood directors approached Aruna to take her into movies and do the required groundwork. Of course, this girl doesn’t have the right kind of platform to make it big but then she might get chances of which she has to take complete advantage.

Ambika Tamil Actress


Ambika is an Indian actress. Ambika is known for her works in Malayalam, Tamil and Kannada films. She was born in Kerala. Her parents are Kunjan Nair and Sarasamma. Currently, Ambika lives in Chennai.  Ambika started acting when she was just 16 years old and was a popular child artist. She continued acting and was a leading actress of her times. She did more than 200 films in the south. She first did a Malayalam film named Seetha. Neelathaamara and Lejjavathi were a part of her early career. She acted in AnthaEzhuNaatkal directed by K. Bhagyaraj.  Ambika diid many films with the leading actors of her time such as Kamal Hassan, Rajnikanth, Shankar - the romantic lead of that time, Mohanlal – a fine actor, Ambarish, Vijayakanth and Rajkumar. Ambika is known for her bold roles in many films. Her rain dance sequence in Chakravyuha is said to be a benchmark in the conservative film industry. She is said to be a versatile and talented actress. Her acting career was at its peak in the 1980s. Her Tamil film Kakk iChattai was a hit. In Kadhal Parisu, she did a film with her sister Radha, where they played the roles of two beautiful sisters with strong and conflicting personalities.  Post her marriage, she shifted to the US. She had a divorce. She came to India after her divorce and continued her acting career. She did Periyamanushan, where she played a glamorous role with Sathyaraj.  Ambika acted in Mariyathai by Vikaraman. She did Malayalam films with Mohanlal and Sadgamaya in Angel John. Currently, she acted n serials. She has been judging reality shows as well. She did advertisements. She won awards like the Kalaimaamani Award, Cinema Express and the Film Critics Award.



Born in the year 1991 in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, 'Arundhati' is a model and a film actress who is known for various Kannada and Tamil movies. She is popular by many other names like Apsara, Padmavathi, etc. She had been beautiful and graceful since always. After completing her Pre-University Course from Bangalore from The Ammanni College, she decided to undergo training as an air hostess. She completed the training from Bangalore as well. As a model, she also appeared in an advertisement for the brand Sumangali Sarees in the year 2009. In the year 2010, Arundhati made her debut as an actress by the name Padmavathi in the Kannada movie 'Kolminchu' and also in the film 'Khadak', which was directed by 'G.K. Mudduraj'. Just with two films, she became an eminent personality of Kannada cinema. The same year, she also tried her luck in the Tamil film industry. She appeared in the lead role in the movie 'Veluthu Kattu', which was produced by 'S.A. Chandrasekhar'. Though the picture had received bad reviews yet, Arundhati was well accepted by the critics and audience. A communication company wrote that the silver lining of the drab film was the performance of the cast especially the new lady Arundhati. People adored her and wished to see her in a more astonishing role by the hands of an able director. She appeared in 'Bodinayakanur Ganesan' opposite 'Harikumar', but this film also received bad reviews from critics and audience. Till now, Arundhati could not get the role and fame she deserved. She featured in the movie 'Sundaattam', and the film attained good reviews. Slowly, Arundhati's acting improved. She appeared in the movie 'Agraja', which gave her a pleasing experience. In the year 2014, her Kannada picture 'Nehru Indu' gave her the dream role. She was seen playing the character of a prostitute which she played extremely well. 'Padmamagan' directed the movie and gave Arundhati this glorious chance. This film gave her a sizzling break which she required to establish herself in the industry. Just after Nehru Indu she got a chance to act in the movie 'Naaigal Jaakirathai', which was a Tamil film. The name of her character was Renu. In her 2015 release 'Thottal Thodarum', she played the role of a call center employee and was starred opposite to 'Thaman Kumar'. They both shared a great on-screen chemistry in the movie. She is currently working on many projects like 'Vetri', 'Saravana Poigai', etc. These are going to be released soon. Arundathi’s versatility is her weapon, and she has started using it well. Another Version Of This Bio: Arundhati is new emerging Tamil actor. Before becoming an actor, she did a one-year course of an air hostess from Bangalore. Not so later, she did an advertisement of Sumangali Sarees. She did her debut from a Kannada film “Kolminchu” (2010) in which she played the role of Padmavati. Arundhati started her journey in Tamil industry with the film “Veluthu Kattu”. Although the film did not create much of a wave, Arundhati from her acting skills did. ‘Sifi’ even called her the ‘silver lining’ for the film and Bihindwoods stated that she could shine if she gets a good role and a talented director. Even her next two release “, Bodinayakanur Ganesan” and “Sundaattam” did not earn much of acknowledgement. But this young girl did not lose hope and kept moving in the industry. In 2004, her Kannada movie “Agraja” was released. But later, when “Netru Indru” was released, it proved to be her biggest break. She played the role of a prostitute in the movie which was apparently very bold and strong. Her director congratulated her for the extraordinary performance and that now more gate of opportunity would be opened for her. She has four upcoming movies in Tamil amongst which are “Thottal Thodarum” (where she would play the role of a call centre employee) a thriller “Naaigal Jaakirathai”, Vetri and Saravanan Poigai.

Arundhati Tamil Actress