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Afrose Sheik Tamil Actor

Afrose Sheik

Afrose Sheik is a younger generation lyrics writer in the field of the entertainment business. He is born in Chennai and is only 26 years old. As a new and young lyricist, he chooses a clear topic that audience can relate. He also picks some cool chords that would add melody and rhythm. He knows how to write a song chorus, how to write a song verse and create a composition. He can narrate or play the whole song for a musician. Currently, he is working on three Tamil feature films. Earlier, he wrote lyrics for album songs. He also wrote songs for a movie ‘Aaram Arivu’ (2016). His songs were launched at the single track from TN Mix Album recorded at AVM studios. His inspiration is A R Rahman. Hence, he has composed a tribute song in favor of the maestro A R Rahman which was telecasted or aired on Tunes6 Channel with music label Divo. His songs have been played at FM Radio city. He has written lyrics for the first Tamil Sufi song titled ‘Ungal Ninaivinil.’ Music composer for the song is Shyam L Raj and singer is Mohammed Rizwan. Editing for the video album is by Keshav B Raj, and Director of photography is by Amriteshwar. The song got uploaded to YouTube channel. Falconoid Music Production has launched his 'First Sight' song album. The lyrics intro was written in this manner- ‘Theinro is kanavil Kannda Dhevadhai, Ondru Neril Naanum Kanden. Indru En Manaamum Ennidam’. He composed music for a Tamil film ‘Aaram Arivu’(2016). City doctor turned filmmaker Bharat Vijay directed the movie. Shyam L Raj is the music director. It was again a horror movie which is ghost-centric. Sahan is the heroine. The film got inspired by real events. One sincerely hopes that he will enable his music to become popular among all religions and regions. One hopes that he will keep contributing to writing lyrics for albums and films too.