Surya Prakash Tamil Actor
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Surya Prakash is a director of Tamil and Telugu movies. He made his directorial debut with the 1996 film Manikkam (1996) which starred Rajkiran. After this, he made two films in the action genre: 2001’s Maayi and 2003’s Diwan. Both these films had Sarath Kumar Actor Sarath Kumar made a headline in Kollywood by >> Read More... Sarath Kumar as the lead. His 2002 Telugu venture Bharata Simha Reddy was unable to impress at the box office. After the negative reviews that Bharta Simha Reddy garnered, Surya did not get offers to work on films that had a big budget.

Surya Prakash worked on Varusanadu in the early 2010s, but it got delayed and eventually released in 2015. This movie gained attention because Surya claimed that it was a real-life love story of his cousin. The film introduced newcomers Kumaran and Srushti Dange. He also directed 2015’s Adhibar, which starred Jeevan as the central lead. This movie was in the thriller and action genre.