J.Vadivel is an Indian actor and director who is more well known for his talent in South India. In his initial days, he used to work as a reporter with Ananda Vikatan. That gave him the opportunity to enter into the film industry. As he expected, working with them gave him a good chance to showcase his talent and the required exposure required for the film industry.

After working with him for a few years, he got a call from Mr. Mysskin on the release day of his film and he praised him for his work. He got appointed as an assistant director after interviewing him for a few hours. Both of them got together really well and they used to spend most of their time speaking about books, cinema, politics, etc., and very less about films. They worked together for around six years. While a script for another movie came, Vadivel met Anand, who was impressed with his story but could not afford it as he did not have a high budget.

Then, he made another script with a smaller budget, which was accepted by everyone and the movie turned out to be one of his most notable works, Kallapaddam. This movie is very well known and liked by everyone in the South and is his best work till date. Bala sir appreciated the film, which increased the confidence of Vadivel and motivated him to do more of such work. The film was very close to his heart, as it was about four friends who were working in different fields of filmmaking and clashed between them. He acted as a director in this film and could relate the movie to his real life as much as possible. He also introduced the Koothu dance form to the film industry through this film which was liked and well appreciated by his audience.

He handled the film very well in a light-hearted way, keeping the interests of everyone in mind, so that everyone can enjoy the story, and succeeded in doing so, even though he was quite nervous at the start. The music of this film was also liked by everyone and took him to a great level, who acted in the film as a music director as well. This was the first movie in which the technical leads played the role of their profession in a film. Vadivel’s journey as a director was not very easy. It was his determination and faith which made him to what he is today, a successful director and also an actor, kudos to his work.