Wilbur Sargunaraj Tamil Actor

Wilbur Saragunaraj is the man who brought about a change in the world music industry with his joyful albums, he is the man who made the life of other people his statement, he is the man who believed that there is always something extra in ordinary people like him, and he is the man who inspired everyone with his words.

Wilbur Saragunaraj was born on 7th July 1997 and has been bought up in Madhuri, Tamil Nadu. He received his education in world music from India, Canada, New York Click to look into! >> Read More... New York , Los Angeles, and Cuba.

Wilber is the first independent YouTuber from India. He works as the official cultural intelligence facilitator. This sensational YouTuber travels around the world making vlogs about various cultures and food. He believes in multicultural expressions and experience. Wilbur Saragunaraj is a pure and a down to earth person who believes in the simplicity of life.

He has produced various albums throughout his musical journey, all of which were super hits. Some of his albums are ‘Wilbur Saragunaraj’(2009), ‘Feeling Genki’(2015), ‘Simple Superstar’, and ‘Migrants’(2017). Simple Superstar is an origami motion pictures, which is not a conventional Indian film but it deals with ‘making the common extraordinary.’

The Simple superstar was released in the year 2013.It was also screened in the Calgary International Festival. He also has famous attire- white shirt, black pants, black tie, and shades, which he wears in almost all his concerts.

He travels throughout the world and tours his music. One significant thing about his concerts or openings of the albums is that they are quite simple with not much propaganda showing how much he believes in simplicity.

Wilbur also makes jingles and works for companies like Ottawa Tourism, IPL, BCCI, and Times Of India. He has also written a book named- ‘How to be a simple superstar’ where he talks about how he made friends from all over the world, from all strata of society and how each one had their own charm.

Wilbur Saragunaraj continues to inspire thousands of people even today with his interesting and innovative music which not only soothes the listeners ears but also gives an important message.