Drishya Raghunath is a new member of the Malayalam film industry with her debut film titled “Happy Wedding “. Drishya has already broken new fields. Born in Thrissur, Drishya is the eldest daughter of the family. She hails from a family where her dad serves as a Chef in Muscat, while her mother is a happy homemaker.

 Drishya started her acting career at a really young age—when she was in her twelfth standard at IES Public School, Chittilapilly, Thrissur. Her spark is untameable. Back at school, she was widely recognized for her finesse in dancing, mono act. Besides, she is a trained classical dancer.

Raghumath entered the film industry with her debut film “ Happy Ending”, by Omar. She bagged the promising role soon after her auditions. “Happy Ending” is a Romantic Comedy that revolves around the lives of engineers involving the characters of Hari, Manu and Paul Achayan. The grandeur could never intimidate Drishya, as she fearlessly faced the camera and marked a powerful debut. Though she had been approach for different films, she has decided to complete her education before embracing the world of cinema in all its vigor.