Darshan Raman

Other names of Darshan Raman: Darsan Raman

Darshan Raman is an Indian film music director and has directed over 60 songs. Darshan’s early works in the industry include Mangalam Padunna and Poonkavil Paadi of Pathamudayam (1985), Pathinezhu Valsarangal in Manicheppu Thurannappol (1985) and Kallanmaare in Loose Loose Arappiri Loose (1988).

A few of his recent works include his work in Ente Priyappetta Muthu Vinu (2000) and The Divine Touch (2018). Through the duration of his career, he has worked with many well-known people including S. L. Puram Sadanandan, writer of Pathamudayam, director Prassi Mallur, director and writer V. R. Gopinath, actor Manu G Nath, actress Keerthana Anand Keerthana Anand is a playback singer who sings for >> Read More... Keerthana Anand and many more.