Shaila Nair is a South Indian Actress, who works in Malayalam Movies. She is a Playback Singer and also produced some Tamil Movies. She has sung in various albums and gave her melodious contribution to the industry. Talking about political associations, Shaila Nair is the wife of Vell Paari, who is currently an advisor of Putera MIC and MIC Youth and has been appointed as the Chairperson of unity and community development of MALAYSIAN INDIAN COMMITTEE. Shaila is the daughter–in–law of MALAYSIAN politician S. Samy Vellu, who is the largest serving president of MIC i.e. MALAYSIAN INDIAN CONGRESS and has worked there for 10 consecutive years and also he was the only NRI MALAYSIAN INDIAN minister.

Shaila Nair has acted in some good South Indian movies like  Maindhan and Mayangaathey. Maindhan was premiered in Malaysia, Singapore and Tamil Nadu on August 9, 2014. It was a Tamil Action Comedy movie, in which 'C. Kumaresan' acted as the main lead of the movie and also directed it. In this movie, a romantic duet was sung by Shaila Nair and Maney Villanz which is ‘Idhayam Parakkirathey. She later worked in the movie ‘Mayangaathey’ premiered on 9th June, 2016. Directed and starred by 'C. Kumaresan', this movie is a romantic comedy coupled with a touch of horror. This movie was appreciated by many where 'C. Kumaresan' acted as Arvind, a biker who meets Kaaviya (Shaila Nair) portraying a perfect example of Love at first sight.

In this movie also, Shaila Nair mesmerised everyone by singing a duet with Neroshen Thanaseharan in the song ‘Unthan Kaiyodhu’, the lyrics was written by Prabu Raj and . Shaila Nair is pretty much popular now but she made her debut by singing a song in the Tamil action film ‘Mambattiyan’. Later on, many of her songs were released land the latest release ‘MOGA MAZHAIYE’ is a duet with Logeswaran.