B. S. Saroja is an Indian actress associated with Tamil and Malayalam cinema. She was born in 1992 in  Thiruvananthapuram. Her father Johnson acted in the first Malayalam cinema Vigathakumaran. After a little primary education till forth forum, she joined a circus company. With the company, she travelled all over India. She debuted in Tamil cinema as a junior artist. In 1949, she was married to T. R. Ramanna. Her husband was a sound engineer but eventually turned a Tamil, movie director. 

Saroja gained entry in Malayalam cinema in 1955, through Jeevitha Nouka Jeevitha Nouka is a Malayalam TV serial that airs >> Read More... Jeevitha Nouka , which was the first super hit film of Malayalam cinema. She along with her husband started three production companies R.R.Pictures, Vinayaga Pictures, and Ganesh Pictures. Some of her earliest works in Tamil cinema include Madanakamarajan, Kannagi that is a Tamil epic movie released in 1942, a Tamil drama Mangamma Sapatham in 1943, Burma Rani in 1943, that was in support of British war effort as per the law imposed by British Indian government.

Saroja acted in a lot of Tamil and Malayalam movies. She played a lead role in 1952 movie Achan. In the same year, she played the lead role in another Malayalam movie called Aathamasakhi. In 1952, she also appeared in a Telugu movie named Atthainti Kaapuram. In 1978, Saroja appeared in Malayalam movie named Anthonees Punyavaalan. B. S. Saroja is mother of three daughters and settled in Chennai.