Top 10 Male Dancers In Malayalam Cinema

Top 10 Male Dancers In Malayalam Cinema Malayalam Article

A dancer by birth and career, Vineeth is the most talented and accomplished dancer in the Malayalam cinema. He hails from a family of dancers including the famous Travancore Sisters and Shobana. The films Kamaladalam, Chandramukhi, Banaras, and Chemistry, have brought the dancer in him on screen. Vineeth is an active presence in the award shows and dance reality shows. He became the Kalaprathibha in the 1986 Kerala School Kalolsav. Sargam, Daivathinte Vikrithikal, Darling Darling Click to look into! >> Read More... Darling Darling , and Chathikkatha Chandu are his other movies.
He has now become the heartthrob of the youth in Kerala. With his acting finesse and dance skills, he has gained a notable position in Malayalam cinema. A trained Bharata Natyam dancer, Neeraj first appeared in a dance reality show Super Dancer hosted by Amrita TV. He also gained a post-graduation degree from the Thrissur School of Drama and Fine Arts before turning to the film industry. The pictures Drishyam, Oru Vadakkan Selfie Click to look into! >> Read More... Oru Vadakkan Selfie , Madhuranaranga, and Adi Kapyare Koottamani have won him much recognition and appreciation.
Debuted through the Fazil film Aniyathipravu, Kunchako Boban took the Malayalam cinema world by storm in the late-1990s. His dance impressed the audience and won him a place in their heart. Niram, Mayilpeelikkavu, Mallu Singh and Ordinary are some of the films that have portrayed the dancer in Kunchako Boban. Madhuranaranga, Vettah, Valliyum Thetti Pulliyum Thetti, and School Bus Click to look into! >> Read More... School Bus are his recent movies.
He is a talented actor, producer, and singer in Malayalam cinema. Prithviraj has also proved that he has good competitive dancing skills through the movies Pokkiri Raja Click to look into! >> Read More... Pokkiri Raja , Amar Akbar Antony Click to look into! >> Read More... Amar Akbar Antony , Pavada, and Urumi. The dance sequences of the songs Manikyakallil and Kettille Kettille from Pokkiri Raja are tell-tale signs of the inborn dancer in him. He also appeared in many stage shows and award nights, rocking the stage with his steps. Celluloid, Memories, Ennu Ninte Moideen, and Anarkali, are his notable pictures.
One of the greatest Malayalam actors ever, Mohanlal has also gained a name as a good dancer and a singer. The film Kamaladalam features him as a trained classical dancer, and in Vanaprastham, he appears as a Kathakali artist. Moreover, he dances the legendary Nataraja Nrithyam in the movie Rajashilpy. He has put forward exceptional dance in many pictures like Narasimham, Chithram, Aye Auto, Ustaad and many others. He is also a winner of four National Awards and nine State Awards.
Indrajith entered the Malayalam cinema as a villain in the movie Oomappenninu Uriyadappayyan. Later, he appeared in many successful films like Classmates, Meesa Madhavan, Chotta Mumbai, Mizhi Randilum Click to look into! >> Read More... Mizhi Randilum , Amen, and Arabikkatha. The songs of his latest picture Amar Akbar Antony are indeed the proofs that he is a good dancer like his brother. He has appeared in many dance sequences in the AMMA annual shows.
With his debut movie Seedan in Tamil, Unni Mukundan got established as a talented actor. In many pictures, we can see him dancing with some confidence and attitude. The film Thalsamayam Oru Penkutty features him as a dance master. Also, we can see him dancing in the movies like I Love Me, Mallu Singh, Style, and Vikramadithyan.
He is a famous actor, producer, mimicry artist, and comedian based in Kerala. In many of his films, he has confidently acted in dance sequences even though he never learned dance. His attitude outshines his dance in many instances. Punjabi House, Chandranudikkunna Dikhil, Meesa Madhavan, Chanthupottu, Pandippada, and Ivan Maryadaraman Click to look into! >> Read More... Ivan Maryadaraman are some pictures in which we can see Dileep dancing.
9. 'Jayasurya'
Debuted through the Vinayan film Oomappenninu Uriyadappayyan, Jayasurya has now reached the greatest realms of Malayalam cinema, even securing a Special Jury Mention at the National Awards. The pictures Swapnakoodu, Kilukkam Kilukilukkam Click to look into! >> Read More... Kilukkam Kilukilukkam , Bus Conductor Click to look into! >> Read More... Bus Conductor , Happy Husbands Click to look into! >> Read More... Happy Husbands , and Aamayum Muyalum Click to look into! >> Read More... Aamayum Muyalum prove that he is also a good dancer. The movies Su Su Sudhi Vathmeekam and Lukka Chuppi gained him National recognition.
Son of the great South Indian actor Mammootty, Dulquer has also accomplished a position in the contemporary Malayalam cinema. He has also proved to be a good dancer through his many films like Samsaram Aarogyathinu Haanikaram, Bangalore Days Click to look into! >> Read More... Bangalore Days , Vikramadithyan, and Charlie. Though he doesn’t dance frequently, he has certain signature steps and moves that made him famous.