Malayalam Dubbing ( 0 - 12 )

Kalidas Jayaram

Parvathy Thiruvothu

Jayan Cherthala

Isha Talwar


Dubbing Artist Are Silent Performers

A dubbing artist is the one who helps in post- protraction process of dubbing, mixing and re-recording, which is then combined with the original soundtrack to create a finished one. It may be done for a movie or a video. A Dubbing Artist is the one who does not show themselves on- screen but they work through their voices. They are the one who fills life in a character using their voice but dubbing, but it is not very easy to do so as they have to watch and understand the mood of their character in the movie before giving their voice to that character.

They may have only a script to match the character on screen, but they know exactly how to manipulate it according to the scene. The re-write script is the translated dialogues from the current language of the movie to the accent it needed to be made. The scene is created in a way that it fits perfectly with the opening and closing of the lips of the character.