Manoj Narayanan is a Director in Theatre and also, a Director of Photography in Malayalam theatre. He is well known as “An Award-winning Director”. The theatre enthusiast belongs to Calicut, a city in the southern Indian state of Kerala.

Manoj received his education from MJHS Villiappally and completed his higher education from the University of Calicut, Thenjippalam. He was fond of plays, and never misses a chance of watching street plays whenever there was one.

He always loved watching plays in theatre. He didn’t take training from any school of drama, he just learned from watching the plays and listening to the dozens of the art also helped him a lot. Manoj Narayanan is well known for his fabulous direction in “Perunthachan,” “Nellu,” “Kuriyedath Thatari,” “Nishkalankan” and “Vartgamanathilekkoru Kannaki”.

His play “Kuriyedath Thatari” is based on the current situation of women in society and “Nishkalankan” is the story of an innocent man who suffers for his over dedication to certain people and causes, He always looks up to convey his message and never misses a chance while doing so. His love for theatre is more than anything.

He has been doing theatre since his school days and doing so have won many prizes for directing and acting. He was very popular during his college days, and not only in his college but also in every college of the state because he used to attend theatre camps and workshops. Manoj Narayanan has worked on many children plays.

"I love working with children," Narayanan stated once. He always seems more passionate about it than the popular theatre. He has also worked with many reputed theatre houses all across the state. His hard work and dedication started providing results as soon as he started working. He has won Kerala Sangeetha Natka Akademi Award for the “Best Director”.

He won this award five times. His play was awarded as “Best Script”. Rathanamma Madhavan was chosen as the second best actress for of his plays, “Kadamvathil”. Noushad, Jaya Noushad, Sandhya Murukesh were also some of the actors from his plays who were awarded Akademi awards for best acting. One of the plays that he gave direction to, “Kuriyedath Thatri,” was titled as the second best play of the year and also grabbed awards such as best actress, best actor and best script award.

He won Akademi awards for “Best Director” for “Kadamthanattanna,” “Nellu,” “Perunthachan,” “Verthamanathilekkoru Kannaki,” “Nntooppappakkoranendarnnu”. He won his first Akademi award for "Best Director" for “Kuriyedath Thatari”. He also worked as a Director of Photography in a Malayalam movie “ Sonna Pocchu”.