Siddharth Madhyamika is an actor and story writer who associated with the Kannada industry. He was born in the village of Bellary district, Karnataka, in 1985. His childhood name was Satheesh Hiremath. His interest was storytelling and literature since childhood.  Siddharth Madhyamika, who has been acting in theater and cinema for the last ten years, now was tired of supporting roles as a hero or other leadership roles in star actors, decided to leave the sometime film industry. He was very depressed and had to play small roles in many films. The film did not win despite the importance of some characters. So he decided to go back to the city after losing hope of acting in about 17 films. “Chandrasekhar then called him for an audition for his film. This character has stopped me again, this film will decide my next life,” says Siddharth. His first film as a lead was Shudhi, which released in 2017. This film directed by Adarsh Eshwarappa and produced by Madesh T Bhaskar. He has made seven or eight people's teams and connected with the theatre. He has worked in films like 'Navila,’ 'Agreja,’ 'Dilwala,’ 'Dil Kahe Bekanta,’ 'Magi Kali,’ 'Silver Rye.’ He played the role of Special Crime Branch Officer in the film 'Shudhi.’ He has also founded a theatre group called Sapeksha along with his mother. His favorite sports are cricket, cycling, and football. He has done many voice recordings and was part of the many dubbing show. His next venture is Bhinna, which will release in 2020. Siddharth also has received many awards for his best performance as a supporting actor. Theatre is his first love; he mostly likes to work on different plays. He brings out the talents of new actors through his theater group.