Hariprasad Jayanna, an associate of Yogaraj Bhatt, is a prominent Indian director and film producer who has predominantly worked in Sandalwood, the Kannada film industry. He was the producer of action/drama/romance film ' Panchatantra Click to look into! >> Read More... Panchatantra ' which hit the theatres in March 2019. He had his directional debut in 2020 with the teenage romance 'Padavipoorva, ' which translates to 'pre-graduation' in English. It was made under the banner of Yograj movies, owned by Bhatru. The movie, which is set in the 90s, explores love, friendships, and romance. Even though the cinematographer and music director has been decided, the cast has not been selected yet. The project began in January 2020 but was halted temporarily. It is also et to launch a new hero, Prithvi Shamanur.