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Kannada Movie Actress Kiran Chatvani
  • Gender : Female
Written By - Team Nettv4u

Kiran Chatvani is a charming actress in the Indian film industry. She has primarily worked for Kannada cinemas. Her first film to hit the theatres on 8th March 2019 was ‘Ibbaru B.Tech Students Journey’. The Kannada romantic drama movie directed by Vemuganti starred Kiran and Krishna as the prominent lead role. The character Navya is played by Kiran in the movie. The film narrates the story of two young B.Tech graduates, Navya and Naveen, journey of discovering, understanding, and finding love in each other after they are engaged by their families. Though she has no experience in the industry, she managed to connect with the viewers and keep them seated through her acting till the very end.


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