Yatiraj Kannada Actor
Other Skills
    - Movie-Actor

Success is not defined by fame but by progress and self-satisfaction. Yatiraj, the famous journalist who changed his career path towards acting and then script writing, is one of the greatest artists of Kannada cinema. He is known for his short but not always sweet appearances in films. The actor is happy as he was able to make his presence felt. He feels that no role is small or big, it’s all about passion and the will to work.

He is happy with his progress and wishes to continue his work at the same pace. He started his film career with one or two shots and today the industry is celebrating his 100 films. Before acting on the silver screen, Yatiraj worked with many small screen production houses. He entered the industry in 1996 with Shivarajkumar’s film Aditya, but his first noticeable appearance was in 2004 in movies such as Crazy Stars and My Autograph Click to look into! >> Read More... My Autograph . His role in Jogi was the first ladder of success he climbed. He played an inspector and had only 3 minutes of screen time but even in such a short span of time, he left his mark and was applauded for his performance.

The actual recognition he received was after his role in Sudeep’s My Autograph. After My Autograph, Yatiraj was in demand. His other films include – Janapada, Bannada Kode, , Dandupalya, etc. He completed his 100th film – Sandalwood. Yatiraj is also a character artist. He made his debut in Tamil cinema with Raghavan’s Thanikattu Raja. Yatiraj played a cop with negative traits in the film. He is thankful to the industry for the opportunities provided by it. He gives credit to the industry for his success and says that it pushed him to pursue their dreams.

He aspired to try his hand at directing but failed miserably. He calls today’s cinema very competitive and also said that the most important aspect of filmmaking today, is its marketing strategy. Recently, his script- Fair and Lovely was accepted by one of the production houses and its director will be Raghuram. He believes that a person needs to have a good vision to be a good director. The person needs to have an understanding of every stratum of the society and should have the ability to understand and analyze the characters in depth and have the talent to showcase the emotions of the characters in the most understandable way. He is a big fan of Directors like Bharathiraja, K Balachander, Puttanna Kanagal Puttanna Kanagal was known as Chitra Brahma (God o >> Read More... Puttanna Kanagal , who he feels know the inner veins of the society.

He says that Fair and Lovely is just the starting of his script-writing career, and he will continue to write even if producers don’t pick up his scripts. He takes his scripts to be like his family and is emotionally very attached to all of his writings. He is not an ordinary thinker and is a man of vision and creativity blended beautifully with experimentation and determination.