Mihir Bhuta is a Gujarati writer who was associated with a TV series. The series was title as 'Maharath ' where he was given credit as a screenplay and dialogue writer. He became a national recognition after Prime Minister Narendra Modi had inducted him into central film censor committee selection.

Mihir is now on the member list of Prasoon Joshi-led Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC). As per the section of news reported in the media, Mihir was keen to help out an NRI filmmaker Mitesh Patel to make a documentary movie on Prime Minister Narendra Modi which tells us about Modi’s journey as a common man to the chief minister of Gujarat. 

People in Gujarat also know him for translating many of William Shakespeare’s plays on stage shows. He could translate every dialogue of William Shakespeare without any change in the text of the original scripts. Later on, Mihir got associated with penning a TV series titled ‘ Mahabharat’ on Star Plus channel.

Way back in 2012, he along with another Gujarati theater artist Utkarsh Majumdar showcased ‘Shakespeare in Gujarati’ at the Globe Theatre in London. It may be noted that Globe Theatre was staged 400 years ago when Bard's plays were staged there.

The title of the play translated in Gujarati was titled as ’Sau Saru Jenu Chevat Saru’ (All's Well That Ends Well) at the Globe as part of the Olympics festivities. The group of Gujarati theater artistes was selected along with another Hindi theater group.

While Gujarat language artistes were given to translate ‘All's Well That Ends Well’, Hindi play actors were asked to stage 'Twelfth Night' which was directed by Atul Kumar. Mihir Bhuta had adapted the play in Gujarati. Shanbhag had directed the play while Uday Mazumdar had composed the music.