Gurpreet Kaur Gurpreet Kaur is an Indian Television Actress, wor >> Read More... Gurpreet Kaur is a popular Indo British writer, who writes for many radio programs, stage programs as well as for the silver screen too. Her full name is Gurpreet Kaur Bhatti. She is very popular for her first play called Besharam. It created a new box office record. It was played in the Soho Theater. It was also played in Birmingham too.

Behzti was the play by Gurpreet Kaur, which get caught into a great controversy and this gave her some life threatening events. Due to this, she was forced to hide in a place. As it was controversial, the Birmingham Rep cancelled the play. But she got an Award for that Play in the year 2005. She was awarded with the Susan Smith Blackburn Prize for the Best English Language Play written By a Women. After a year, the play Behzti was translated in French and got fame in Belgium and France. Later, the same play was translated to Italian and was played in Bari in Italy. It happened in the year 2012. Her play Behud was also popular and was co produced by the Coventry Belgrade along with the Soho Theater. ‘Come to Where I am from’ and ‘Londonee’ were also the popular plays by her. Fourteen and Khandan are her popular plays that hit the theaters in the year 2014. Her plays were broadcasted in The BBC Radio, BBC World Service and Channel 4.

She has also written a Telefilm, ‘Everywhere and Nowhere’ in the year 2011. The Archers, Lipstick and Nails, Honor, The Cleaner, Mera Desh, An Enemy of the People and Airport 2000 are some of her popular plays. Born as a Sikh girl, Gurpreet Kaur, reached the fame through her writings and proved that The Pen is Mightier than the Sword. At present, she works for the National Theater.