Uma Gokhale is an Indian actress who is best known for her roles in television serials like ‘ Pyaar Ka Bandhan Pyaar Ka Bandhan is an Indian Television Series wh >> Read More... Pyaar Ka Bandhan ’ (2009) & ‘ Pavitra Rishta One of the popular Hindi serial, Pavitra Rishta Te >> Read More... Pavitra Rishta ’ (2009). ‘Pyar Ka Bandhan’ is a family drama which unveils various facets of emotions entangled with relations among a family. She got a very suitable role for herself as a newcomer. As the mother of the ‘Aziz’ aka ‘Sujoy Das’, she got the attention of the viewers & casting directors alike. She is new to the world of acting, but still carries a very promising future ahead due to her adaptive and skilled method of acting. She is looking for more roles which could hone her acting skills and satisfy her cherished desire to act in TV serials and even movies. Another stint was with the series ‘Pavitra Rishta’ (2009), which was aired on the Zee TV. The serial got a far & wide attention of the viewers all over as it completed more than thirteen hundred episodes on the channel. Uma appeared in as a cameo in the serial. She is a natural actor with a bright personality. She is on a regular search of the roles suiting to her talent. She wants more of her acting talent by keeping a pace with changing content themes of the entertainment industry. She seems to be exploring the entertainment world and trying to know what it has to offer. She seems to be going great.
Twara Desai Hindi Actress

Twara Desai

Twara Desai is a young actress who is best known for her recent television appearance in the series ‘Meera’ (2009), which is based on the life of ‘Meera Bai’ who is considered as a great devotee of Lord Shri Krishna and a poet of Hindi Kavya (Poetry). The show was broadcasted by NDTV Imagine, it successfully completed 134 episodes and it was well perceived by the audiences and critics. Twara essayed the role of ‘Lalita’ who is the best friend of ‘Meera’ since the childhood. She was later replaced in the series. After her stint with the series ‘Meera’, Twara switched to South Indian cinema. She grabbed a role in the movies called ‘Saivam’ (2014), in which she portrayed the role of ‘Abhirami’, who is the member of the main family portrayed in the movie. ‘Saivam’ is a story about a girl who tries to save a rooster from ritual sacrifice that her family insists on evades a bad fortune. It can be said to be a major development in her career as this appearance opened up the gateways of the Tamil and other southern cinema related opportunities for her. Prior to her associating with ‘Saivam’, she also worked in a movie called ‘Kanchivaram’ as a child artist. She has appeared in many television commercials such as ‘Maaza & Clinic Plus. She is hoping for a few substantial roles coming in her way and that is quite obvious for a newcomer who is getting opportunities to work with some renowned artist such as ‘ Nassar ’, in the initial phase of one’s career, that too at such a young age.