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Sonali Suryavanshi

Sonali Suryavanshi is a TV actress from India. She is well-known for her work in the serial titled Hamari Betiyoon Ka Vivaah. Hamari Betiyoon Ka Vivaah is dramatic daily soap which used to play on Indian Television. It aired on a popular channel named Zee TV. It initialized broadcast in the month of April of 2008 and aired its last episode in the month of February of 2009. The theme of this show was the search for a suitable match for the marriage of four girls. Their mother is always worried about their wedding, and the soap goes on like that. Sonali Suryavanshi plays the protagonist of the program along with Shalini Chandran. She plays a character with the name of Sujata Kohli. She plays the eldest sister in the Kohli Family. She is to be married to Raghav, but his father doesn’t want him to marry Sujata due to superstitions. Her name later changes to Sujata Trivedi after her virtual marriage in the show. The show’s directors were Krishnan Sethi and Manish Singhania. Prem Kishen and Sunil Mehta are the daily soap’s producers. Cinevistaas Production Company owns the TV show. The title song of the show Jodiya Tho Rab Ko Banana Hai is sung by the melodious singers Ujjaini, Pamela Jain and Saveri. The sisters’ parents are Kulraj Kohli and Kulbhushan Kohli played by renowned actors Himani Shivpuri and Raju Kher respectively. The names of the four sisters are Sujata, Trishna, Tanya, and Mansha. The roles are played by Sonali Suryavanshi, Pariva Pranati, Shalini Chandran and Roopal Tyagi respectively. The dialogues by Akashaditya Lama and got done by Anshuman Sinha. Though the show’s full title is Hamari Betiyoon Ka Vivaah, it is popular among the masses with the short moniker ‘Vivaah’. One of the promotional posters of the TV serial shows the busts of all four girls of the Kohli family standing side by side. This show is a typical Indian drama program. In some ways, it mirrors how women are always tried to be rushed off into marriage. Their education is not of much importance, but their marriage is. The villains of this show are Mr. Trivedi and Nupur Malhotra, whose roles are played by Jitendra Trehan and Anju Mahendru respectively. This show was much- loved by the Indian audiences and was quite a hit. The show broadcasted a total of 205 episodes which ran for about twenty-three minutes in all.

Sonali Suryavanshi Hindi Actress