Garima Shrivatsava Hindi Actress
Garima Shrivatsava is a Indian television actor. She was born in Allahabad city, Uttar Pradesh. Garima came to Mumbai along with her essayist spouse, Yogesh K. Vikrant. She is well known for her role in ‘ Rahe Tera Aashirwaad Rahe Tera Aashirwaad is a tv series of India. This >> Read More... Rahe Tera Aashirwaad ’ (Colors) and ‘Parivar Kartavya Ki Pariksha’ (Zee TV). She is also a part of ‘Choti Bahu’ and ‘Phir Se Subah Hogi’ telecast on the channel Zee.

Garima played negative character shanti in ‘Choti Bahu’ and the role gained her various recognition and critical acclimation. She won various nominations for her role as santhi in ‘Choti Bahu’ including new talent awards and various others.

Shrivatsava experienced a lot of troubles and hurdles when she first came to Mumbai. Despite all the troubles she had focal point of her age, and encounter on the side – Garima was in the twenties and her script writer spouse and her in-law guides her throughout the career. It was easy for her to make debut because of her tremendous talent.

It was very hard for her to adjust with Mumbai style after coming from a city in Allahabad. In an interview she revealed that the major problem she faced in Mumbai was to adjust in a single room along with five roommates, while in Allahabad most regular homes each member in a family gets a room for themselves. She finds too difficult to get a room in the city during her peek time in television industry.

In middle of these difficulties she proved herself in achieving heights by using her talent in acting. She conquered the peeks in acting and remains as an ideal for all the young actors who are troubling themselves to get in a place in television industry.